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Title: Fruits Table Lamp, 2011

Designer: Hisakazu Shimizu (S&O Design) Director: Eizo Okada (S&O Design)

The lamp, inspired by shape and color of fruits, was designed by Hisakazu Shimizu of S&O Design and was first presented at Shimizu’s ‘Fruits’ exhibition at Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam 2011. Following text is about the exhibition.

Entitled Fruits, the exhibition presents Hisakazu Shimizu’s newest series of works of the same name. Fascinated by the juxtaposition of fruit, a borderless product of nature, being expressed within the realm of ”pop culture”, a man-made construction, Shimizu set about producing these pieces with the same aggressive stance as his Japanese History series. The exhibition features a wide range of works, from lighting pieces to tableware and clocks. Also on display will be two Hairstyle mirrors, an edition of Galerie Downtown/François Laffanour, Paris

Photo credit: Yoshie Shirane

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