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We are proud to present to you our kitchen room divider, Facet. This room divider is a real eye-catcher and can be used to make any room look polished and chic. It looks stunning in a private or commercial kitchen. Or hang it up in your lounge club or restaurant with an open kitchen area. Using Facet as a screen in your restaurant is the perfect method to cover up the chaos of the kitchen, while giving your guests a striking piece of decoration to look at. It is functional and beautiful.

CREATE YOUR PERFECT KITCHEN ROOM DIVIDER There are many ways in which we can customize Facet to be your perfect kitchen room divider. First off, decide on the size you want it in. Do you want to cover the entire kitchen area or do you just want to cover half of it? We only start making your room divider once you have sent us the dimensions. We can make it in any size you want it, whether you want a tall thin room divider or a long broad one, no job is too big for us!

Furthermore, you can choose the color that suits your lounge, kitchen or restaurant. The panel is available in a variety of different colors to bring out the best in your place. The ceiling attachments are available in two different finishes – powder white aluminum and brushed stainless steel. This way you can make sure your kitchen room divider fits perfectly in your existing décor.

We have saved the best for last: once you have installed your kitchen room divider, you can continuously customize it according to what works best in your space. Not only is Facet a stylish piece of design furniture, it is also fun and creative. Facet is made up of several different diamond shaped parts. These parts can be rotated. This gives you the creative freedom to adjust your room divider to suite your needs. By rotating the separate parts, you can subtly change the pattern so that your screen is absolutely unique. This also allows for you to choose whether you want your screen to be more closed up or more see-through.

This particular kitchen room divider is installed in a Spanish Lounge Club in Valencia, Spain. It has the function of separating the open kitchen from the lounge area, while it also forms a stunning screen adding to the allure of the décor. You can still partly see the kitchen, but the screen makes it less prominent.

Project – Kitchen Divider In Lounge Club Product – Divider Facet Dimensions – Width 306cm x Height 112cm Color – White Ceiling Attachments – Stainless steel Location – Valencia, Spain Client – Mandala Lounge

Color: Blanco
Material: Plástico
Créditos: Bas van Leeuwen, Bloomming - Mandala Lounge
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