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Whether now or some point in our distant past, be it our raucous share house days or yesterday’s life in a budget flat, it’s likely we’ve all suffered through some pretty bothersome decor in our time—the room with the daggy carpet, the tawdry wall colours, the ‘little more than perfunctory’ furniture. Granted, there are worse things out there, but nor does this sort of decor inspire much in ways of creativity. The thing you ought to know is that changing up the useless and uninspiring is far more within reach that you might initially think. Now is always the time to overhaul what doesn’t work in your home, to reinvent those pockets and nooks that leave a little to be desired. And what better a first step than to kick things up a notch with a super fashionable feature wall.

Here’s a few homes that offer more than a few ways to boost the aesthetic quality of your domestic space and turn something ordinary into something truly special.

Subtle contemporary toned wallpaper feature wall

Vintage Bedroom Hege in France Cuartos
Hege in France

Vintage Bedroom

Hege in France

Wallpaper is back! Well it has been back for a while now, but with the options and range currently available there is no doubt you will find something to match your personality and style. If bright and vivid isn’t your thing try subtle toned wallpaper, something understated yet distinguishable—think rose hues, French grey, mushroom and off white.  Decorate with contrasting elements such as black light fittings or industrial textures and you’ve got an inexpensive and stylish improvement.

The bookshelf feature wall, useful and attractive!

This feature wall is something special, it adds interest and depth to a wall, while being practical and space saving. Particularly significant for apartment living, installing a bookshelf can create an area to display not only books, but also decorative items such as photographs and gifts. If customised carpentry is an option, consider adding extra space saving elements as well, such as a built in desk for a small home study, or low lying cupboards for extra storage.

Back to basics – The exposed rough feature wall

One of the most effective ways to add interest to a room without having to spend the earth to get it!  Attempt some DIY or call in the professionals; a stripped back natural wall adds texture and interest to minimalist décor and furniture. This particular feature wall compliments industrial and retro design as well, lending itself perfectly to eclectic pieces of objet d’art and colourful contrasting ornamentation.

The useful feature wall

Very similar to the bookshelf feature wall, this useful shelving immediately adds depth to the white walls and allows handy kitchen items to be displayed decoratively. This design is so simple yet adds a feature that is modern, interesting and practical. Additionally, the contrasting colours of black and white radiate class and the burst of yellow along the kitchen island brightens the entire room.

Inventive child’s space feature wall

A child’s room does not have to be dull and dreary. Create a space that your little ones are proud of.  Fashion that boring old wall into a child’s dream by adding interesting items, such as this rock-climbing wall with ladder; place some rubber mats underneath and let the fun begin. Think creatively, paint the wall with blackboard paint, and add children and chalk. Hours of entertainment guaranteed.

The green wall

Do you have a small or cosy area outside that’s dim and uninviting? Time to invest in some greenery and get planting. By installing some timber rails onto the wall of your balcony or courtyard wall, you can plant climbing plants such as roses, hydrangea, ivy or even tomatoes. Add some freestanding planters full of easy care, low maintenance flowers or shrubs and transform your space into a relaxed and ‘alive’ area.

The indoor green wall

Don’t have a courtyard and feeling disconnected from the natural world? Plants don’t have to live exclusively outdoors—head to your local nursery and grab some indoor greenery. Create a green feature wall with pots, shelves and plant holders designed especially for that purpose. Here they are subtly styled in the same colour as the wall, which accentuates the dazzling green plants.

Geometric tiled kitchen

Scale Hexagon Equipe Ceramicas Cocinas de estilo moderno Cerámico
Equipe Ceramicas

Scale Hexagon

Equipe Ceramicas

Is your kitchen boring, bland and just plain blah? Give your tired old kitchen a quick makeover with a tiled splashback. Neutral tones are timeless, classic and the geometric shape is playful. Paired with light ash timber additions and clean white crockery, this is a simple and effective way to increase the visual appeal of your kitchen. The options are virtually limitless with almost every colour, style and shape available. Remember to pick something that suits the overall ambiance and scheme of your apartment or home.

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