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9 ways to make your tiny bathroom look bigger

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Apartment living often means dealing with small and compact spaces. However, it’s not just apartments that contain cloistered or cramped areas; houses also boast their fair share of confined and crowded interior rooms. More often than not, bathrooms are the smallest areas of one’s dwelling, and therefore the most in need of smart and clever décor.

To help get your small and tiny bathroom in shape, we’ve gathered 9 efficient ways that you can easily implement into your own home. From changing the colour of your walls to augmenting your room’s lighting, there are plenty of simple solutions for you to get the most out of your minute and minuscule space. Read on below to learn more, and update your tiny bathroom today!

1. Maximise natural light

Maximising light within your small or compact bathroom is unquestionably a step in the right direction. However, if your space lacks light, you will find you have a few issues in brightening your abode. 

The bathroom above features a small window, but supplements its lighting requirements with a white colour scheme, and subtle downlights.

2. Choose an all-white colour scheme

Gleaming white tiles, white walls and sleek chrome features can really improve the sense of space within a bathroom. In order to make your tiny bathroom feel larger, take some cues from this washroom that maximises its monochromatic shades to appear bigger and more spacious.

3. Employ a small basin

Keeping everything slim and linear will help your tiny bathroom to feel larger in the long run. In this image we see a neat floating vanity and an adorable sink that is bursting with style and character.

4. Illuminate your shelving

Illuminating spaces within your bathroom is a good way to add depth to the overall design and style of your space. Look at strip lighting as well as recessed lighting for any and all shelving in your bathroom, this will drastically improve the aesthetic and spacious atmosphere of the room.

If you need help with your lighting, chat to an expert and get the right advice. You can find a range of professionals via the homify website, and engage someone to start today!

5. Remove your shower screen

Turn your bathroom into a wet room by removing your shower screen. Not only does this increase the perceived amount of space in the area, but it is a fabulously luxurious way to increase your bathroom's lavishness.

6. Enhance mirrors in your bathroom

Mirrors reflect light within a space, and work brilliantly within small or compact areas of the home. Look for large panels of mirror, and pair them with sleek fittings, fixtures and accessories.

7. Incorporate floating shelves

Floating shelves remove the space that a cupboard would normally take up, ensuring that each area of the room feels spacious and open. 

Take some cues from this neat and tidy example, which works brilliantly to save space, while also providing essential surfaces for accessories and accoutrements.

8. Add contrast

Contrast creates and adds depth to a room, ensuring it is engaging to the user and occupant. Mix up your interior design, focus on utilising a few different colours, and build a captivating and intriguing tiny bathroom.

9. Go dark!

If you don't fancy the idea of a bright white bathroom, then switch it up and go for a dark hue. If you do decide to go with a shadowy shade, remember to employ mood lighting and avoid excessively bright lights that might remove the spacious aspects of the chosen colour. 

We hope you enjoyed this Ideabook! If you would like to read more about bathroom design, we recommend you check out: 5 small but perfect bathrooms

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