3 sensational bedroom renovations that you will love

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3 sensational bedroom renovations that you will love

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
de Home Staging Sylt GmbH
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Bedroom renovations are often daunting. Even though we know we want this change, it's hard to imagine something so different than what we've gotten used to. But hey, that's what we have interior designers for, right?

We here at homify are always amazed at the kinds of restorations and renovations done by our professionals. We've gathered together three sensational bedroom renovations to give you that little kick in the caboose you need to start changing things. We hope these renovations inspire you to create the bedroom you've always dreamed of!

1. Before: humdrum hovel

Antes de la Reforma de Inuk Home Studio Mediterráneo
Inuk Home Studio

Antes de la Reforma

Inuk Home Studio

Before Inuk Home Studio got a hold of this bedroom, it was a dark, dismal, and just plain uninviting space. Outfitted with only a single mattress covered with an unattractive blue sheet, this bedroom was in serious need of some help. But as we've mentioned, our professionals know just how to handle projects like this. 

After: brighter boarding

Después de Reforma de Inuk Home Studio Mediterráneo
Inuk Home Studio

Después de Reforma

Inuk Home Studio

Amazing! With just a few brush strokes and some strategic decorating, this room got much brighter and much more welcoming. And we can't help but love the teal shutters and Spanish tiles. They really add some striking colour.

2. Before: a wasted attic

This is what the attic space looked like before Home Staging Sylt got wind of it. This relatively small space was unimaginative and underused. But with a little out-of-the-box thinking, this drab attic might just turn into a cosy bedroom hideaway!

After: a big improvement

Now look at this improvement! This transformed space can now act as a bedroom or guest room, and hey, there's an office space in the corner, so you can even get your work done here! 

The neutral colours will help with concentration while working, and also aid in relaxation when it comes time for bed. And the natural light coming in through that sky light creates an even cosier atmosphere while making the room look bigger.

3. Before: unattractive and under-decorated

This bedroom is a complete eyesore. The old and bleached paisley curtains clash completely with the striped throw pillow, and those walls could sure use a fresh coat of paint. Let's see how these designers were able to renovate this bedroom.

After: a whole new space

This bedroom takes on a whole new vibe thanks to this transformation. Getting rid of those nasty curtains and giving this room a fresh coat of pearl white paint wasn't enough to make this give this room the makeover it needed. The designers also added vibrant accent colours, changed the window style, and fixed up the flooring. 

This room just proves that you don't need much in the way of materials, time, or money to get the dream bedroom you've always wanted.

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