Let your bedroom drive your creativity!

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Let your bedroom drive your creativity!

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Today we are having a peek inside one of the most private and intimate rooms in a home: the bedroom. This list includes some of the most inspiring bedrooms we can find, and each one is as unique and memorable as the next. Once you have a look over these 10 dreamy spaces, we bet you will be instantly inspired to make some changes to your already existing bedroom, or start over from scratch. 

It doesn't matter if you have a 10 square metre space that sits awkwardly in the back of your apartment, or a sprawling room with polished wooden floors, you can create the room of your dreams – literally. Although of course, it doesn't hurt to have sea views or to have your room surrounded by a thick forest of trees! But we think no matter where you are, with a bit of imaginative styling and the right furniture, you can create your own little paradise, one that you can escape to every night. 

1. Green Oasis

Vinegar Hill Apartment Cuartos de estilo moderno de General Assembly Moderno
General Assembly

Vinegar Hill Apartment

General Assembly

Our first featured room is one that shows how easily decorative wallpaper can change the whole feel of a room. This incredible patterned wallpaper instantly makes this bedroom balmy and tranquil, even while being in the middle of the city. Together with wooden floorboards and a ceiling painted in deep green it's easy to feel like you are relaxing in the tropics. 

Add a four posted bed with bedding made from natural fibres in a neutral colour and you have you own pacific paradise. Keep things exotic and lush with textured pillows and maybe add a woven rug in to the mix.   

2. Artistic Inspiration

The Bed Cuartos de estilo moderno de ArqRender Moderno

The Bed


Dream like an artist in this bedroom while surrounded by delicate colours, natural wood and sensual textures. Expectantly, the feature of this room is the huge bed, which makes one thing clear – this space is for relaxing, and indulgence. 

Walls, ceiling and also the floor are painted white, making it seem like you are are sleeping in the clouds. Canvases litter the room and the bed linen kept natural, making sure the vibe is informal and completely easy. Sleep here and be inspired! 

3. Child's Play

This children's bedroom makes looking good seem easy. And it can be – by adding bold colourful detailing on the walls, and using those colours as a continuous theme in the room, you can make a small room stand out. 

A sturdy and practical room doesn't have to be lacklustre – just choose patterned bedding, a colourful stool, bright storage boxes, and it can brighten up the whole space. Ceramic tiling means no matter how messy things get, it will be a dream to clean. Any child would love to spend hours in this lively, liveable room! 

If you want help reimagining a bedroom, there are tons of professionals ready to help – take a look here

4. Focus On The Positives

A loft bedroom doesn't have to give you the chills. Use that huge empty space with high ceilings to create a real feature room. Carpeted floors will soften the industrial feel of the exposed beams and metal above. Maximise the spaciousness by painting walls white and then break it up by painting a dramatic feature wall. 

Dark accents and black furniture will maintain the balance and not make it too washed out. Use silver for surfaces and lights for a truly modern, urban dwelling. 

5. A Room For Romantics

This bedroom is perfect for the romantics and the poets. Featuring luxurious textiles, warm colours and antique inspired furniture, you will think you are sleeping in a palace decades ago. 

The focus is on opulence and grandeur, and is achieved by painting the walls a warm orange, making the fireplace a feature and installing a magnificent bed. The autumnal colour palette and natural wood of the floorboards, bed and furniture means this bedroom is cosy and comfortable. The hanging chandelier tops off that indulgent regal feeling.

6. Rest In Rustic Slendour

There's no denying that this is one grandiose bedroom, but it's the amazing design and sensitivity to textures and colours that has got us wishing we could sleep here every night. Walls are painted in a stunning terracotta tone and there is plenty of wood around the room, including some great antique furniture.

The attached bathroom looks incredible in a mixture of wood, glass and ceramic, and adds to the overall rustic appeal of having your washbasin in your room. This feels like a bedroom from yesteryear with all the comforts of today.

7. Bring The Outdoors In

What an easy way to make your bedroom somewhere special and private – plants. Not only do they freshen the air for a better sleep, but they soften up a room with straight walls and hard edges. Add to that plenty of unpainted wood, and some incredible hanging lights and voila! you have yourself a peaceful sanctuary. 

Keep the furniture clean and modern, with matching side tables and eclectic decorations, and you will have a bedroom you just can't leave. 

8. What Dreams Are Made Of

You will probably be needing to look twice, or three times at this bedroom, it is such an unbelievable sight. Everything about it makes you feel like you are already dreaming – from the chandelier, to the sheepskin rugs, and the incredible huge windows. 

Add candlesticks, antique framed pictures and covered armchairs and you have the ultimate celebration of shabby-chic. 

9. Enchanting Woods

Sure if you have a view like this, then it is hard to go wrong – but this room goes one further, and gets it really right! Making the most of the incredible surroundings, windows are floor to ceiling and almost entirely replace the walls. Elsewhere the ceiling and walls are built in wood and the flooring is ceramic tiling. 

The natural beauty outside is reflected in the neutral tones of the bedding inside. Lighting is almost unnoticeable and all other details are kept to a minimum to let the forest be the star feature. This is definitely a place of enchantment!

10. Sea To Believe

This quirky seashell feature is undeniably amazing. But it isn't gaudy, ugly, kitschy or gimmicky, like it could easily be. If you are wanting a stand out feature in your own bedroom – this is how to do it. 

Keep the colours subtle and the design practical and you will have a unique but sophisticated space. The in built side tables are modern and streamlined. Keep everything else subtle and your feature won't be over the top. The matching seashell bookcase on the wall is a cheeky addition to keep things playful. 

Don't stop exploring now – check out dozens of other amazing bedrooms here

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