12 inspiring contemporary houses for families

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Contemporary houses are on the rise lately as more and more homeowners are commissioning architects to fashion current trends into sleek home design. Contemporary home design is an ever-changing style, yet there are constants that we notice in every contemporary building we see: clean, simple lines, oversized windows devoid of decorative trim, flat, gabled, or shed roofs, open floor plans, indoor and outdoor living, and asymmetrical shapes.

If you've been dreaming about contemporary housing design in the hopes of having it yourself one day, then we have a treat for you! In order to showcase this particular style and stimulate your creativity, we've made a list of 12 inspiring contemporary houses for you to admire and perhaps even copy. 

So let's explore and see what all the fuss is about contemporary homes!

1. Layers on layers

Our first housing project immediately catches our attention and leaves us wanting more. 

Although we can only see the exterior of the home, we can see that there is an enormous open plan design in the interior, along with captivating irregular massing and sharp, clean lines.

2. Textures

Although contemporary design doesn't focus on texture, it can certainly incorporate it into its style. 

Take this home, for example. The textured beige brick accent wall gives character to the plain white façade, but the differentiating protrusions are what really make this home contemporary. That, and those big windows.

3. Upscale contemporary

Blue Jay Way McClean Design Casas modernas
McClean Design

Blue Jay Way

McClean Design

If you have a decent budget, you might consider recreating this wonderful abode. 

This home shows off its contemporary style through those large-and-in-charge windows, and the outdoor entertainment area is perfect for large dinner parties or even a few late-night raves. 

4. Classic contemporary

This home offers us a more classic interpretation of the contemporary design. 

Smooth, clean lines and oversized windows and entrances make up the exterior, while the interior is outfitted with simple, neutral-coloured furniture.

5. Simplicity

Contemporary design doesn't have to mean a crazy amount of irregular shapes or walls composed entirely of glass. 

You can still have a contemporary home with a simple design like this. It's the use of geometry and spaces that really give it that contemporary feel.

6. Dramatic

On the opposite end of the spectrum for contemporary homes, we have this dramatic façade, so if you're ready for it, don't be afraid to draw some inspiration from this exterior!

7. Breezy

Our next home is a homify favourite. The colour palette, differentiating levels, and use of different building materials like brick and concrete makes this one of the more interesting homes we've seen. It's the striking solid lines that really make an impression on us. 

Any building can recreate this colour palette, but it takes a special hand and imagination to come up with this design.

8. Fusion

If you haven't noticed already, this home has a slight twist on the contemporary design. 

By combining clean lines and large windows with a rock garden and those fantastic pink spot lights, we have a contemporary-Asian fusion.

9. Anyone's dream home

We love this home just a little too much, so we had to share it. 

All we can think of when looking at this is how wonderful it must be to step out onto the terrace that connects to the home, sit down, and stick our feet in that crystal clear pool! This contemporary design does a fantastic job with the open floor plan in that respect.

10. Curvaceous

This building design airs more on the side of modern, but keeps contemporary elements inside the home. 

The curvature of the decorative piece in front is a nice break from the geometric designs we've been focusing on, and we just love how it seems to beckon us inside.

11. Higher levels

This contemporary home shows us something a little different from what we've been looking at, and that is namely the height of the home. 

This home has three storeys, whereas most contemporary homes have only one or two. 

12. Calming

Since we're a big fan of pools here at homify, we wanted to leave you off with another fabulous contemporary home that's overflowing with poolside luxury that gives the exterior a calming and welcoming vibe. 

This open communication between indoor and outdoor living inspires and amazes all who look upon it. As with all exterior and interior design schemes, contemporary homes can incorporate themes from other styles, as well, making it a synch to pull off. But you might want to contact one of our professionals before tackling this project yourself.

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