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How to personalise a rented bathroom

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Personalising your surroundings is an essential part of having a home, whether you rent it or own it. With renting, there's the added obstacle of needing to be careful about damaging the walls or marking any surfaces, so we thought it was about time we had a guide on how to get creative with a rented bathroom!

When you're stuck for ideas, there are always a few basics and necessities that you should come back to. Building on these next few tips will give you your perfect rented bathroom with your own personal touches – so you can be relaxed and feel at home.

1. Fill the shelves

Every bathroom needs shelves, and every shelf in a rented bathroom should be filled with your belongings. Whether it's make up, deodorant, toothbrushes or candles, fill them up! 

For a rented bathroom to really feel like your own, placing your belongs around will put your stamp on it. Candles are popular around bath tubs, for an extra chilled out atmosphere, and for a shared bathroom, belongings stashed on the shelves make the room more like yours.

2. Personal towels and mats

It's not something we actively think about, but your own towels and bath mats will personals your bathroom instantly. No matter what colour or shape they are, they are your own and make the bathroom much more comfortable for you. 

Coordinating their colours adds extra style; matching bath mats and hand towels feel deliberate and cohesive. It's affordable and doesn't do any damage to the apartment!

3. Knick-knacks

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Cabinets, shelves and surfaces are calling out to you to decorate them. Your knick-knacks, such as a shell you found on holiday or a small sculpture you received as a gift, can be displayed in your bathroom. They can be entertaining and lovely to look at and remember.

4. Art

Stick art on the walls Paintings, photographs, mirrors of unusual shapes and sizes. Wall art makes any room more interesting to be in, even if it is the bathroom. Your rented bathroom could bump up to one of the most beautiful rooms in the home with the simple addition of some art!

5. Baskets and accessories

Accessories can transform a rented bathroom. They are splashes of personality. Make up holders, laundry baskets, storage baskets and drawers are great for making your bathroom personal and functional in one small effort! You can add colour to an otherwise dull bathroom with accessories like this and make it your ideal room.

6. Vases

A lot of bathrooms are dotted with beautiful vases and we have noticed how it can bring a classic look to the room. They have an elegance that fits well with the quiet space in a bathroom, so why not personalise yours with a vase you love?

7. Houseplants

And finally we have one of the best ways to personalise your rented bathroom – plants! Flowers and green plants are often underestimated with an excuse ('I'll never water it', or 'But they're just plants') but they are incredible at bringing life, freshness and colour to any room. Requiring little maintenance, plants are a fool-proof way to make a rented bathroom feel like it's all yours.

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