20 façades in 3D to inspire designing your dream home

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20 façades in 3D to inspire designing your dream home

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Casas de estilo  por AParquitectos, Moderno
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Ever thought about designing your own home but then backed out because you wouldn't know where to start? Well, today we're here to flood your mind with inspiration that will see you calling your architect to have a go! 

Seriously, the renderings we're about to show you will have your mind dreaming up a fantastical home and even a rudimentary sketch will be enough for a talented architect to work from. 

Once you've seen a 3D image of your potential dream home there will be no stopping you so, what are you waiting for? 

Let's get creative!

1. Neutral and angular

Casas de estilo  por homify, Minimalista

Fachada principal


The tones, integrated garage and low profile of this home are all amazing.

2. Pulling no punches

Casas de estilo  por homify, Moderno

This is a dream home rendering! The wood and glass detailing is stunning.

3. Double trouble

Though this is one house, the separate guest block is such a great touch.

4. Connected to nature

Casas de estilo  por RIMA Arquitectura, Moderno
RIMA Arquitectura

Casa Paraiso – RIMA Arquitectura

RIMA Arquitectura

We adore how the street-facing side of this house is super private, whilst the garden side is open and inviting.

5. Stack 'em high

Modular homes don't get much more exciting or dramatic than this incredible 3-storey version.

6. Flat-out fabulousness

Casas de estilo  por AParquitectos, Moderno Concreto

Fachada interior con Alberca volada


With focus on extra terrace spaces here, imagine a roof garden in place as well.

7. Lavish lair

Casas de estilo  por AParquitectos, Moderno Madera Acabado en madera

Fachada exterior


We've always liked the idea of an underground floor and this subtle space captures the secluded vibe we love.

8. Eclectically finished

What fun to see how a house would look at night. Funky outdoor lighting is something to consider!

9. Brilliant and boxy

A more modest home rendering, we like how this style could be adapted to suit anyone.

10. Mix and match

Homes that look like they've been designed to encapsulate multiple tastes are fascinating. Look at the mix of materials here.

11. Deep spaces

The depth of this home is amazing, negating the need to build up too high.

12. Grand entrance

A gated entrance that leads to a perfectly harmonious home.

13. Geometric heaven

The shapes created by the medley of materials here is mesmerising!

14. Totally tropical

Casas de estilo  por homify, Moderno

The beach styling of this home is perfectly complemented by the landscaping proposal.

15. Harmonious colours

A perfectly balanced palette of brown tones highlights the individual modules.

16. Urban eye-catcher

Frosted glass and long, lean proportions make this flat-roofed home something to remember.

17. Artistic integrity

We did say this was your time to design a dream home so if you're arty, let that show. Look at this contemporary masterpiece!

18. Outrageous luxury

Casas de estilo  por 21arquitectos, Minimalista

Vista Principal


We can't think of anything to say about this design other than and we want it.

19. Perfect proportions

Fitting the plot wonderfully, this breathtaking modular home makes great use of height.

20. Open space

Casas de estilo  por Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V., Minimalista
Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V.

Fachada Principal, vista nocturna

Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V.

The contrast of open and private glazing here is amazing. And just look at that extra top module… what could that be for?

Have these renderings gotten your creative juices flowing? If so, take a look at this Ideabook: The Home with Design Turned Up to 11.

Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS, Moderno

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