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The garage: that ultra-purposeful, yet typically most often overlooked and disregarded room in the whole home – yes, the garage is a room folks: you may not think so, but the fact is it's an indoor space and it's a part of your house, so it ought to be given just as much love as the rest of your domestic areas. So many households these days treat the garage an afterthought: a cold, dank room full of miscellany and endless boxes full of old clothes and bits and pieces that that keep growing in massive piles as the years roll on. The garage can very quickly spiral out of control. Lesson to be learned here: treat your garage well, it'll treat you well return.

Today on homify, we're dishing out some neat and handy advice on how to make the most of your garage space and create peace and harmony within it. Read on!

Organisation is the most important

It would remiss of us to not begin with a fundamental basic: one that relates in particular to the garage, but can be easily applied broadly across all facets of interior design. What's the magic word? Organisation. Keeping things organised in and around the garage is absolutely central to creating a harmonious and well-functioning space.

So, first things first: find a piece of paper and take an inventory of what you've got hanging around your garage; make a list of the things you don't need, and the things you want to keep. Section accordingly, and organise spaces for everything in the space that you're working with. Shelving units, like the ones in this fine example, can be a great way to condense space and ensure all those bits and pieces are kept in line. Like all other rooms in the house, there ought to be a place for everything – nothing should be frolicking loose. Get organised, and you're halfway to garage bliss.

Unsure how best to organise your space? Consider chatting with a professional for a little more space-saving advice.

Include plenty of storage

Leading on from that last point, we can't stress enough the importance of having ample, well-selected storage. Functionality is crucial in this instance, but there's no reason why your storage can't be stylish as well (after all, garage harmony is about simplicity, as well as a desirable aesthetic touch). 

That's certainly the case with this neat example: here, we have a semi-outdoor/garage space, perhaps closer to a carport, blessed with an abundance of space thanks to these wooden cream-toned exterior cupboards: nothing is loose here, everything has a place to be, and the breeziness and harmony that results is nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

Be creative with artistically designed walls

So far we've been dealing with fairly undemanding examples, where we haven't needed to take into account bulkier items like hardware and vehicles, which inevitably most garages will need to take into consideration. When you've got things like motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and cars hogging all the space – especially if yours is a modest space, you'll need to get a little crafty with the way you organise the rest of your goods. 

Taking our lead from this neat example, embedded wall storage (independent of cupboards and shelves) can be done in a sleek and artistic way that'll give your garage an extra level of enjoyment and impressiveness. The 'swoop' shelving unit makes a fabulous talking point here; so too, the oar and skateboard rungs, and canoe latches above.

Consider too what sort of floor and ceiling will bring your garage space a little extra zest: how great this varnished blue floor looks against the colour of the wall, scooter and additional storage trunks. Get your imagination firing, get a little creative, and you'll be sure to strike that elusive balance between fine functionality and aesthetic harmony.

Find the right mood lighting

Sometimes, even the most thoughtfully organised garage space can be lacking in a certain visual allure. Everything might where it needs to be, and yet the space remains stale, unappealing, hardly a room that you'd want to spend much time in. We believe that every room in the house ought to be used and enjoyed, and this comes down to actually wanting to be in them, feeling good about yourself and your home when you are in them. 

Lighting can be one of the most useful and effective tools for turning an otherwise stale space into one with instantly more allure and appeal. Take this fantastic example here: sure, its wooden bench space, stools, makeshift bar and vintage car motif on the corrugated wall makes it look like a pretty neat setup from word go. It's pretty great. 

But, look closer and you'll see that it would be a very different space without the addition of the five ceiling drop down lamps: that dimmed lighting brings the garage an element of mystique, sets a more dreamy and relaxed mood, and can't help but lure the occupant in for more time spent.

A functional workspace or perfect hideaway

Does it get any more harmonious than this great example? Boutique, cosy and effortlessly functional, here, we have our bases covered and the results are undeniable. Excellent lighting coats the ample, well organised wooden benches; a vintage motorbike and red Rover Mini are parked neatly in the heart of the space without obstructing passage; the interior retains its stripped back wooden style and everything is radiating softly under the warmth of the lamps. 

Simple, well organised and well lit! This is the perfect example where we see functionality married together with aesthetic beauty, all in a humble, modest and ultra-appealing way. Nice work.

A clean and neat exterior is important

Of course, let us not get too carried away with what's going on on the inside: creating a fine exterior is just as important as the interior. For many houses, the garage front is where most access will occur, so it makes sense to ensure it's an appealing, aesthetically presentable one. In this example, the garage exterior blends artfully with the rest of the house frontage: a classic, gorgeous suburban home endowed with – judging from the fabulous exterior – a fantastic, well-organised and aesthetically pleasant garage space within.

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