Last minute hacks for Diwali decoration

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Last minute hacks for Diwali decoration

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
de La Bella Candela Moderno
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Being Indians, we have a tendency to celebrate every festival to the fullest. One such beautiful occasion that comes every year is Diwali. It is the festival of lights and vibrant colors and it symbolizes the victory of good over evil. 

Among the hustle-bustle of this celebration, if you missed to add those extra flares in your home décor, then we have the right techniques for you.

Before we start, let us remind you that Diwali is can be used as a the best bait to bring in vintage and traditional decor items. So, if you come across one, don’t hesitate in blending it with your modern home interior.

1. Elegant Chandeliers

Chandeliers / Manola Comedores de estilo moderno de Herstal A/S Moderno
Herstal A/S

Chandeliers / Manola

Herstal A/S

All you have to do here is drive to a nearby home decor store and select a chandelier to reflect your style. Since Diwali is just around the corner, the stores are already filled with magnificent options to select.

In this image, it is a pendant shaped chandelier which is ideal for modernizing a living room. It can even be placed above the dining table to add a dramatic touch.

2. Define your home with Gardens

A beautiful garden in the house lets you naturally ornate the exterior. Let the garden shine in enchanting lights, making the guests curious about the indoor décor. The designers here went for glass lights to let the mirror image rule the place. With double the shine, it throws a stunning look at just the entrance of the home.

3. Ditch the Fabric Curtains

You can make a better presentation by simply replacing the traditional fabric curtains with something more passionate and glittery. Nothing other than glass curtains will suffice the purpose with utter elegance. Bring it in your house and just one or two lamp shades will be needed to create the Diwali buzz.

4. Focus on the Fragrance

Paddywax Apothecary Candles de Rooi Moderno

Paddywax Apothecary Candles


Not just the lights, even a strong and captivating odor of the house can add a fun element to the house. This Diwali when you go for candle shopping, don’t forget to pick the scented ones. A scent of your choice or the guest’s choice will be perfect to fill subtle charm.

5. Tea light illumination

Although tea light illumination is underestimated for Diwali celebration, it can be your life saver this Diwali. Instead of the long, large, and the usual one, go for the small and bright ones. Being a perfect candidate for lanterns, water, and tabletop, it comes with guaranteed elegance.

6. Did you forget some lights?

Pom Pom Fairy Lights de PomPom Galore Moderno Lana Naranja
PomPom Galore

Pom Pom Fairy Lights

PomPom Galore

If a corner of the house is still left without light, bring some pompon and either mix it with the remaining pieces of lights or individually place it in the room. The fairy tale bedroom of this house represents the magic lights can create.

7. Pooja Room

Diwali is all about lights and Pooja and you really can’t afford to mess with its décor. The Pooja room here is enlightened from all corners and offers the true spirit of Diwali Pooja.

8. Entrance

Celebratory mood should prevail from the very entry of the house and that is why you need to decorate your entrance first. 
The best part is, it is never too late to put some lights on the front door. Kalash, jhula,and Jharokha are showcasing the ethnicity with utter elegance. Although, this house entrance is filled with exotic copper lights, you can even do away with some candles and diyas. 

The key to right decoration is doing things with patience and passion. Even if you have missed out some essential, there is a replacement for it, so, follow these ideas to redefine luxury this Diwali.

Keep following us for more such ideas.

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