5 modern houses with their floor plans that will inspire to design yours

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5 modern houses with their floor plans that will inspire to design yours

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
Casas modernas de Imativa Arquitectos Moderno
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Today on homify 360, we're going to show you five modern homes that inspire us all to reach for the stars and recreate similar atmospheres. Each home offers something different, so you can pick the one that matches closest to your needs. 

Professional support was of course provided with each project, so undertaking a similar endeavor on your end will require the same. Luckily, we have an entire network of professionals that can help you with each and every one of your home styling needs.

Let's get inspired! 

1. The rear façade

This family home in Hermosillo, Mexico was designed by the professionals at Imativa Architects. On each floor of the home, sliding glass doors and large windows reign supreme–they stretch from floor to ceiling and the home even comes complete with balconies on the upper floor which you can step out onto using these massive portals. If you couldn't already tell how massive this home is, it encompasses a great 556 square metres!

A fabulous and contemporary two-storey home

 The design is contemporary but still holds onto the core essence of Mexican architecture, using materials, colours, and textures characteristic of traditional Mexican architecture such as wood, stone, and tile. The result is a perfect fusion of light, space, comfort, and good taste. 


The ground floor blueprint here allows you to see that this is a corner house with an expansive living area on this level.


On the top floor, we have a dressing room, bathroom, and an intimate family room.

2. A modern home with a stunning entrance

Perspectiva noturna Casas de estilo minimalista de Tony Santos Arquitetura Minimalista
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Perspectiva noturna

Tony Santos Arquitetura

Overflowing with volume, this two-story house was planned with fractionation in mind. Majestic and enticing, this home's contemporary design certainly does not go unnoticed on the block, or in the city for that matter.

An interior that seems to double in height

Inside the home, the eminence of space is impressive. Hight ceilings impart a sophisticated atmosphere, and the choice of furnishings only reinforces that sentiment.

The ground floor

Planta pavimento térreo de Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Planta pavimento térreo

Tony Santos Arquitetura

On the ground floor, we have the main entrance to the home, the garage, living room, an office with a bathroom, a kitchen, and even a terrace complete with a barbecue.

Up one floor

Planta do pavimento superior de Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Planta do pavimento superior

Tony Santos Arquitetura

The upstairs area has three bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. This makes for a very compact, but very functional design.

3. A differentiating home on a large plot of land

Fachada principal Casas de estilo minimalista de Yucatan Green Design Minimalista
Yucatan Green Design

Fachada principal

Yucatan Green Design

The façade of this home reaches right up to the sidewalk and is situated on a large wooded parkland.

When you have the location of a building in a very special field, either by its size, shape, location, or other conditions, the project is studied with great and particular importance. It should not only meet the needs of the family, in the case of a home like this, but the building itself must also respond to the characteristics of its location.

The interior

The entire area of this home is 575 square metres, and each and every corner of it is filled with top-of-the-line, modern furniture and appliances to fit the needs of the residents.


This ground floor blueprint allows you to see the different levels of the house, including the incredible tree and pool area in the centre.

Going up

On the next floor, we have the bedrooms, and as you can see, the view of the impressive courtyard is still within reach.

4. A simple, yet sensational one-storey home

Very simple volumes make up this house, and a white and clean façade begs the question of what lies beneath.

The back of the home

This view gives us a better idea of the surprises that await us indoors. But first, we just had to show you that amazing pool!

Stepping inside

Upon entry, we are met with the same classy elements we saw outside. An all white interior with complementing warm tones is exactly the right fit for this sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere.

The blueprint

This blueprint shows us how almost the entire home is integrated into one space.

5. Two storeys of wood and stone perfection

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort Casas modernas de Tony Santos Arquitetura Moderno
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort

Tony Santos Arquitetura

Our last home is a simple modern two-story house that uses stone and wood for a unique façade. We also love the slight zig-zag roof pattern that shields the cars and the entryway.

The grounds

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort de Tony Santos Arquitetura Moderno
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort

Tony Santos Arquitetura

On the ground floor, we have the entrance, massive garage space, a living room, a dining room that is ingeniously integrated in the kitchen, a service area, and a gourmet terrace.

Up one more level

First Floor Plan (Planta do pavimento superior) de Tony Santos Arquitetura Moderno
Tony Santos Arquitetura

First Floor Plan (Planta do pavimento superior)

Tony Santos Arquitetura

On this floor, three bedrooms with two bathrooms complete the distribution of housing. Each of these homes offers something no other home can, and we hope you were able to pick up a few home improvement ideas by going through this list!

If you liked what you saw here, then you might enjoy these five homes with accompanying blueprints!

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas modernas de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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