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This Home Will Seduce You With Its Refined Style

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Today we are excited to share with you a bold modern villa. Complete with matching furniture and minimalist design features, this home is perfect for entertaining and mindful living. The style is undeniably masculine and evocative. Wood grains and stone shine in unexpected places in this home. Come take a tour with us and see what the fuss is about!

First Impressions

The front of the house is bold and enticing. The front entrance is on the far left.  featuring an aquamarine swimming pool. We love the pyramid shaped stairs that descend into the water. Poolside there is an intimate seating area where we would love to share a cocktail with friends.

The house is bright and white, accented by grey tones and a natural stone wall that extends to the inside of the home. There is an elegance to the black framed windows and outdoor furniture. The lines of the house are straight and boxy. 90 degree angles dominate the architecture of the home. The dark surrounding woods create a cozy nook for the home. A secluded patio space is poised on the second level. The home is warmly lit within and exterior wall sconces on the second level create a bright ambience. 

Tucked underneath the first level is an outdoor dining space. Perfect for warm weather days. Even in cold weather the outdoor dining area is heated by a minimalist fireplace. This is an incredible feature of the home where form and function come together beautifully.

Sleek Interior

The main floor of the home is filled with clean lines and clear spaces. A fireplace wall separates the living from the dining areas but maintains a simple open plan flow. The indoor fireplace has a sleek yet modular design accentuated by a black frame. We love how it’s tucked in the wall and visible from both rooms!

Inside natural tones of white, brown, and grey dominate the room. The stone wall is a subtle accent. Keeping in line with minimalism, few decor items or paintings are on display. One artistic and eye catching feature is the light fixture above the dining table.

Minimalist design dictates that everything have a place. In this home there is no clutter or extraneous design elements. The overall look is bold, sleek, and modern. With a neutral colour palette featuring wood floors and stone walls there is a sense of masculine style in the home.

Livable Minimalism

Even the most minimalistic of kitchen designs can be functional. This is truly a livable kitchen. Negative fixtures in the kitchen create a sleek and seamless look while providing built in storage. There is a wood shelf acting as an open kitchen cabinet. A perfect place to stash some everyday staples in containers like tea and coffee. 

Along the far wall, simple built in shelving shows off a few treasured decor times and books. It’s a great place to display well loved cookbooks and guides. There is a long wooden bench with matching wood blinds. The natural touch of the woodgrain make the room feel more like a home.

Architectural Delights

One of the best features of the house is the architectural delight of the stairs. The staircase is tall and skinny. It completely lacks railings or banisters, so tread carefully! Accent walls lit by wall sconces help delineate the space and break up the monochrome. The stairs are a great place to experiment with accent colours or features. 

Minimizing the space taken up by stairs helps create more living space in your home. Though small, the staircase with its beautiful lines has become an artful feature in the home. It’s a daring architectural gem.

Slim bathrooms

Next we want  to  share what can be achieved in a home with seductive minimalist design. On the left is a powder room where the addition of a slim glass divider has elevated the look of the bathroom from simple to stylish. We love how pleasant a clear bathroom counter looks. There is enough storage underneath the sink! Wrapped in woodgrain from the floor and the built in cabinet, the room has a homey and warm quality. 

The bathroom on the left features many of the same features. The wide mirror adds a lot of glamour to the bathroom. Sometimes European bathrooms don’t separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. As you can see, there’s a rain showerhead above. No worries! There’s a drain in the floor somewhere to catch the water. This is actually a great way to save space in a small bathroom.

Main Spa Bathroom

The main bathroom in the home transports us instantly to a chic spa. Like a modern bathhouse, the room is rich with wood and offers a beautiful view from the full window. A double vanity sink is perfect for a couple getting ready together in the morning. The clear and bright floor helps keep the room bright and clean. A wood bench matches the one that we saw in the kitchen. These kind of bespoke craftsmen pieces give a home character and are quality pieces for the future. Interested in connecting with interior designers and decorators? homify can help!

Secluded sitting room

A sitting area is tucked away on its own in a cozy corner of the house. This is a minimalist room with sleek masculine design. The double paned window in the room is bare. We love the wood coffee table. Having a hollow space inside is perfect for storing extra pillows or displaying a shade-loving plant. 

The creamy white of the couch looks great next to the dark textured accent wall. The contrasting textures in the walls create more depth in this space. Having a secluded sitting area like this is perfect for reading your book undisturbed. It’s also great to have a conversation in a room without a TV!

Living room after dusk

In the living room, picture windows open up to the landscaping in the backyard and provide views of the pool. A large and inviting cream sectional sofa in this room matches the one we saw previously in the sitting room. Repeating furniture themes throughout a home give it a sense of cohesion. A round coffee table in the center makes adds ease to the flow of the room. The seductive fireplace shares a wall with the television. Opposite, the built-in lighting on the ceiling along the stone wall is a bold highlight. 

Thank you for taking a tour of this home with us! For more home inspiration, check out our feature on a classic home that's perfect for a family.

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