15 Ways To Give Your Home That Extra Sparkle

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15 Ways To Give Your Home That Extra Sparkle

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Jardines de estilo rústico de OutSide Tech Light Rústico
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The kind of lighting you choose for your home’s exteriors or outdoor areas can make or break the its architectural appeal. When aesthetically and sensibly lit, the face of your home will appear welcoming, warm and cozy. Your guests will love to spend time in the garden, terrace, patio, or the area around the pool as well. And the lights will also make it safe and easy for them to explore the property, see where they are going and avoid nasty accidents. So here we bring you 15 brilliant outdoor lighting ideas which will surely give your home an extra edge, accentuate its lines and textures, and create a magical ambience.

1. For a warm and cozy ambience

These metallic sconce lights supplied by the lighting professionals at Lightinox add elegance to the environment here. Paired with a beautiful fireplace, they lend warmth and cosiness to this friendly setting.

2. Adorning walls stunningly

Decorate one of the walls of your terrace or entrance with smart and stylish sconce lights which throw light upwards, downwards or both ways for a stunning visual impact.

3. Something special

Iluminación de un porche Jardines de estilo rústico de OutSide Tech Light Rústico
OutSide Tech Light

Iluminación de un porche

OutSide Tech Light

To highlight unique environments like this one, it is advisable to go for accent lighting, which can produce the look and feel you desire.

4. Accentuate the garden

Garden lighting should be picked depending on the type of vegetation it features. For instance, use coloured lights for highlighting tall trees, and arrange them in high positions as shown here.

5. Focus on materials

If the wall of your terrace, garden or patio is crafted from stones, bricks or is textured interestingly, then use exterior lights which accentuate the uniqueness of such materials.

6. Playful touch

Pergola Jardines de estilo moderno de Earth Designs Moderno Madera maciza Multicolor

These lighted spheres hanging from the roof of the stylish pergola add a dollop of casual fun to the garden. They look elegant and hint at a relaxing and informal atmosphere.

7. Beauty of details

Chelsea Creek - copyright St George Plc Jardines de estilo moderno de Aralia Moderno Hierro/Acero

Chelsea Creek – copyright St George Plc


See how illuminated panels on the floor, lanterns on the tables and concealed lighting along the hedges help in separating the different areas of the terrace tastefully.

8. The way home

Jardines de estilo moderno de INDICO Moderno

For the approach to your home, you should ideally choose bright, safe and chic lights like the ones shown here. Pick from recessed or LED lights for smart visual appeal.

9. Illuminating stairs

Residencia R53 Casas modernas de Imativa Arquitectos Moderno
Imativa Arquitectos

Residencia R53

Imativa Arquitectos

Staircases should be illuminated with bright ceiling lights and recessed lights at each step as well, for safety purposes.

10. Concealed lighting

Contemporary Garden Design Balham Jardines de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Contemporary Garden Design Balham


Recessed lights can easily stay hidden by furniture or foliage, when you use them for patios, terraces or gardens. Despite being concealed, they can light up any area in a holistic manner, accentuate decorative pieces or even provide ample light for reading!

11. Mixing it up

Ingreso de homify Moderno Mármol



A combination of recessed and wall lights can be used to create a soothing environment which is both safe and aesthetically riveting.

12. Lighting up the facade

Casas modernas de homify Moderno

It is crucial to choose the right kind of lights for the facade, so that you feel happy and secure when you come back home from work. Convenient and visually appealing lights should be arranged strategically to highlight the main entrance, the path leading to it, the garden, the garage, as well as the architectural details of the building.

13. The cosy factor

If you want your facade or garden to feel especially cosy and inviting, use an artful mix of recessed and concealed lights.

14. Perfectly-lit front door

Your front door should be amply illuminated since it’s the main access to your home, and a spot where you need to fit the right keys into the lock. But avoid overdoing things to prevent jarring reflections.

15. Ideas for the pool area

To create a magical atmosphere in and around your pool, you can use lights inside the pool, along the edge of the pool, and scatter concealed lights around the garden as well. Suspend pretty lanterns over the pool for extra oomph and enticing bathing sessions.

So don’t keep your home in the dark any more. Bring the right lights home and jazz it up enchantingly. Here’s another story you might like - Let there be light: maximize natural light in your home.

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas modernas de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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