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10 Reasons Why An Organized Home Will Change Your Life

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Far from an exaggeration, having a messy house can really drag you down. Negative effects of clutter and untidiness are so strong that it’s worth changing your ways to drastically improve your life.

A messy and cluttered home has a lot of drawbacks that can weigh on you. Consider that having a clean and tidy home has nothing but benefits for you and your household. Household chaos is probably affecting your everyday life more than you realize.

Let’s take a look at our 10 tips for improving your life at home. Start with tip number one and take the first step towards improving your life! Are you ready?

1. Improve your health

Houses accumulate dust and fungi spores. We can’t see all of it, but it’s there, and it can precipitate into a fine layer of dust around your home. Over time a prolonged exposure to dust can damage your health. 

How do you improve your health?

To optimize your health it’s best to clean up as often as possible to reduce the impact that these little dangers present.

2. Open your mind

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Having an open mind is a beautiful thing. It makes us more lively and creative. Surrounding yourself in a space that saturates your mind is limiting and can make you sluggish. Mess or clutter in the home occupies your mind and weighs you down.

How do you open your mind? 

Start building habits today that will keep your home clean in the long run. When everything is in it’s place you’ll find that it's a lot easier to focus

3. Reduce anxiety

In our modern lives fraught with haste and stress, anxiety is almost inevitable. It doesn’t do to come home and have untidiness create more stress for you! It creates a vicious circle that can leave you feeling powerless and drained. 

How can you reduce anxiety? 

Create an atmosphere in your home that you’re satisfied with. We recommend painting a wall or two in cool colours and decorating your home to be a peaceful retreat. You can connect with professionals on homify to help make your home the ultimate retreat. 

4. Master time management

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Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? You might be wasting time in that disordered house. If you fall behind on chores it might sent a dangerous precedence. Stress arises when we start to feel overwhelmed by our homes.

How can you master time management? 

Fear not! Having a tidy home is great for keeping you on schedule. You don’t have to waste time looking for things because you’ll know exactly where they are. Instead of neglecting your house and letting it all pile up at the end of the week, try having one task each day. Sundays are for cleaning the floors, thursdays are for laundry. Start small and work your way up!

5. Achieve longevity with exercise

Keeping the house tidy gets you moving. It’s better than being parked on the couch. Anything that inspires you to keep active is great. Especially deep cleaning. If it's time to scrub the showers, you might get your cardio in for the day!

How can you live longer from exercise? 

Keeping our bodies in motion sets us up for long term health benefits. Bodies in motion stay in motion and keeping fit enough to clean your home from top to bottom will help keep you mobile for years to come.

6. Create a bacteria free home

Everyone in your household is bringing bacteria and viruses home with them. It can find a good home there! Without cleaning, you run the risk of possible infection. 

How do you create a bacteria free home?

Well it might be impossible to do that! But there are real steps you can take to disinfect high traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchens, hand railings, and door knobs. Remember that a tidy home is quicker to clean than a messy one!

7. Getting Social

Our homes can be one of the many stages for our social life. It’s great to welcome friends into your home and spend quality time with them in a relaxed setting. Being socially isolated is not good for your wellbeing. 

How can you get social?

A home that looks good and smells great is always inviting! If your home is messy and untidy it's hard for your guests to relax and enjoy themselves. A messy home might even be preventing you from welcoming people to your home.

8. Better rest

You’re going to get to sleep easier if your house is neat and tidy. In total chaos and mess, it’s hard to get to bed at a decent time because you might be preoccupied with the clutter. 

How do you get better rest? 

Do everything you can to keep your home orderly and neat. When nothing’s out of place, you can rest easy and get a good night’s sleep. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to a clean kitchen and enjoying your morning coffee in a tidy house.

9. Encourage creativity

Forget the struggles of the poor, starving artist for just a moment. We think that comfort can be conducive to creativity. You’re more inclined to read a book, pick up your craft hobby, or take pen to paper if you can relax in an tidy and inspiring space. 

How can you encourage creativity? Ever hear the phrase, a clear desk for a clear mind? It’s really true. Eliminate clutter where you’re doing your work. Keeping an orderly house will give you time and mental space to relax which might allow your creativity to spark.

10. Increase your happiness

If your home isn’t giving you satisfaction, then it may be the clutter and dirt that’s dragging you down. A home should uplift you at every turn! 

How do you increase your happiness? 

Simply trying your best to keep clean house. Make your happiness a priority by making your home neat and clean. If you're inspired to try tidying the house up, we have a list of 10 hacks to tidy your home!

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