15 ways to illuminate the exterior of your home (and make it look sensational)

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15 ways to illuminate the exterior of your home (and make it look sensational)

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Light, plays an extremely important role when it comes to the architectural design of your home. Both inside and outside, the way in which you decide to light your room will have a huge impact on how both you and your guests will view it. Because it is so important, and sometimes forgotten, today we shall focus on how to properly light the outside of your home, so as to make a great first impression. It's important to note, that the outside is where some people feel the most comfortable and as such, this places should be lit in a warm and welcoming fashion, giving off a friendly atmosphere.

Whether in the garden, on the facade, around the pool or on the terrace, an outdoor area with proper lighting can improve its surrounding environment, and turn it into a pleasant area that anyone can enjoy at any time of the day. Cones, spotlights and other types of lights, are some of the best ways of maintaining the style, and bringing good taste to your exterior.

Below, are several amazingly lit exteriors, as a way of inspiring you, and setting you down a path that will lead to your own amazing outside.

1. Warm and cozy

Cones of light usually give a refined touch to the environment, and create very interesting and classy effects. These lamps can be made from several materials, including metal. When using metal, just like in the example above, the light has a tendency to strengthen and give off a much more concentrated beam of light.

Thanks to all of the light, the feel of the terrace is warmer, cozier and more comfortable. What's more there is a mini-fireplace that perfectly compliments the mood and helps create a friendlier atmosphere. With the right kind of lamp, you can easily create comfortable places where people will spend hours.

2. Decorating the wall with spectacular lights

Either on the walls of your terrace or even on the front of your house, adding cones of light of varying colours and shapes can add a lovely touch to your home. You can set the cones to shine up, down or in both directions, and give the whole place a more intimate and modern feel. 

And, if you don't believe that these lights can exceptionally decorate the walls of a house, take a look at the image above and see just how more energetic the place suddenly looks. Bright and welcoming, nothing says welcome quiet like cones of light.

3. Special atmosphere

Iluminación de un porche Jardines de estilo rústico de OutSide Tech Light Rústico
OutSide Tech Light

Iluminación de un porche

OutSide Tech Light

If you just want to illuminate an area, the lighting should be less intense and more decorative. To get this effect, we recommend using accentuating lights, to help you create that special atmosphere you've always dreamed of. Sometimes, when you have found the perfect wall, you want everyone to see it. Unfortunately, in the evenings, this is somewhat harder. Now, thanks to these lights, you can highlight any part of your home to your heart's content.

4. Focus on the beauty of the garden

When your are deciding on how to properly decorate your garden, you should always take into consideration the existing flowers and vegetation. If you have trees as points of interest, lighting should focus on them, giving both them, and their shadows, grand and decorative poses. 

In the picture above, you can see how the architect masterfully incorporated the colour of the lights with the shades of brown and green of the trees. Lights can be pretty by themselves, but when you mix them with different colours, that's when you get something amazing.

5. Highlight the details of the materials

With the right lights in the right places, the outdoors can be made far more relaxing for both you and your guests. One of the ways of achieve this relaxation is by bringing out certain details and making them more obvious. If your home has a terrace or a garden that uses an interesting material, focus the light on it. 

An example of this can be seen above, as the lights bring attention the rocky material of the walls. Highlighting these interesting characteristics will make the home more attractive, and will relax all those around. Making the lighting work for you is very important, so set it up so that it will highlight your homes best features.

6. Fun and original lamps

Pergola Jardines de estilo moderno de Earth Designs Moderno Madera maciza Multicolor

Depending on the style that you want to impart on your garden, you can choose from a variety of different items that will bring this style into existence. The image above shows an area that is both a modern and refined, but also conveys a sense of relaxation and informality. 

All these feelings are brought out by the pergola, its decorations, and the bright, luminous spheres. While it looks incredibly refined, this solution is very cheap and is a great way of both saving money and adding a bit of style to the terrace. It's always important to look at the whole picture, so that you can get the perfect style, with as little money as possible.

7. Enhancing the details

Chelsea Creek - copyright St George Plc Jardines de estilo moderno de Aralia Moderno Hierro/Acero

Chelsea Creek – copyright St George Plc


With light, you can also highlight various areas that you think may be of interest to you or any visitors. Here, you can see this stunning terrace that makes sure that every aspect of it has a different light enhancing it. From the plants to the floor, anything that may be interesting has a little bit of light shining on it. What's more, these lights, along with the little details like the lantern on the table, create a sense of charm, that makes the whole area friendlier. Using lights can be a lot like being a director. Make sure to point it at what you want, and the whole garden will look like a million bucks.

8. Accessing your home

Jardines de estilo moderno de INDICO Moderno

There are many ways that you can go about illuminating the entrance to your house, and all you need to do is pick the one that suits your style. From recessed lights, to LED lights on the floor, to ankle-high markers that show you the way, there are some great designs out there for those that want flawless and safe lighting.

9. Stairs

Residencia R53 Casas modernas de Imativa Arquitectos Moderno
Imativa Arquitectos

Residencia R53

Imativa Arquitectos

Stairs are one of those areas that always must be clearly illuminated because, if they're not, there will, without a doubt, be an accident. When you have stairs outside, you can either choose to have a general light attached to the wall lighting them up or, you can dedicate specific lights just for that area. 

If you want to go specific, you can install a recessed light above every other step, to make sure that you have maximum light coverage. Safety is always important, so make sure to use the lights to your advantage.

10. Hidden lights

Contemporary Garden Design Balham Jardines de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Contemporary Garden Design Balham


Recessed lighting offer a huge variety of possibilities when it comes to decorating the exterior of your house. What's more, it can even be the best source of light while still remaining hidden away. Tucked away at the bottoms of walls or behind some shrubs, these types of lights are great at highlighting all the important details without hardly ever being seen.

Finally, while these lights are great at helping decorative pieces, they are also great sources of light, ideal enough for you to read by. Remember, that some things don't have to be seen to be enjoyed.

11. A diversity of lights

Ingreso de homify Moderno Mármol



By combining recessed lighting with wall lamps, that both reflect direct and indirect light, you can give the whole decor a very interesting look. Thanks to the combination of multiple light sources, you can better tune the colours and create a welcoming environment for all your guests. Never be afraid to mix things up. You'd be surpised at the resultes that you can get.

12. The facade

Casas modernas de homify Moderno

We like to feel safe when we come home. Therefore, having the right kind of lighting to greet us, and safely get us to the front door while maintaining a sense of calmness and reassurance, is very important. When illuminating your entrance, be sure to focus on specific points to ensure good lighting. Roads, main entrances, garage areas and even architectural details can look safer and more beautiful with the right choice of light.

13. A cozy access

Lighting in outdoor areas such as in gardens or near facades can give the environment a bit of an upgrade. Therefore, always be thinking of different ways you can illuminate the area, and make the place seem more relaxing, welcoming and intimate for both you and your guests.

14. The importance of a well-lit front door

The door should, for the most part, be well lit as it is the most direct path home, and because you want to see the lock properly, when your sticking in the key. While you can use any types of light for this job, since you're lighting up a small space, we suggest that you place a light at the top, so that you don't get dazzled and drop your keys. It's the little things in life that make most days easier, and you should always take full advantage of them.

15. The area of the pool

And to finish off our journey through the world of illumination, we shall focus on the pool. The best place to put your lights is directly inside the pool, as it not only creates a beautiful design, but also it give you the ability to enjoy a relaxing swim, well into the early hours of the morning. Along with the lights being inside the pool, you can also place them around the edges, so as give a bit of light to your garden and terrace.

And now that you've finished working on the outside, it's high time you go and work on the indoors. It's always important to get all the details just right, so this guide will help you do just that.

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