12 bright ideas every kitchen needs

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To get the most out of your kitchen you need to embrace a few innovative solutions, so we've looked at all those extra touches kitchen planners suggest and have brought them all together in this article today.

You don't need a huge space to put these ideas to good use and you'll be shocked by just how much extra storage some of these suggestions free up.

If you're ready to get more out of your kitchen, let's take a look!

1. Hidden work surfaces

These handy pull out sections are becoming more and more popular in modern kitchen plans and we see why. There when you need them and not taking up valuable room when you don't, they're perfect, especially for a small kitchen!

2. Islands with storage

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens Cocinas de estilo clásico
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

Some people install a kitchen island but give no thought to the extra storage potential it offers. It seems crazy to us when you can see just how much these shelves can house! 

You can even add a stool and turn it into a breakfast bar.

3. Hanging pan rack

Mediterranean Style Rencraft Cocinas de estilo mediterráneo Madera Azul

Mediterranean Style


Saucepans take up such a huge amount of space in your kitchen cupboards that you might find you have nowhere to store your actual food. 

You can easily solve that conundrum by installing a traditional hanging pan rack above your cooker for easy reach.

4. Simple hanging rail

If a large rack simply won't fit in your space, a simple rail is just as effective for freeing up cupboards. You can even hang bulky utensils from here to give your drawers some breathing space.

5. Secret pull out trays

When is a cupboard not a cupboard? When it has pull out tray sections that double or even triple the storage capacity! Small kitchens in particular would benefit from installing systems like this.

6. Organisation baskets

50.2cm pull-out organiser simplehuman CocinaAlmacenamiento

50.2cm pull-out organiser


Keeping specific items together is a good way to maximise productivity so these unique storage baskets,which pull out on rollers, are fantastic. 

Everything can have a designated spot and never get misplaced again!

7. Narrow pantry shelves

To get some extra purchase from a blank wall in your kitchen without eating up too much floor space, narrow pantry shelves are fantastic.

Just imagine all the food you could store here!

8. Interior cupboard lighting

Bespoke Liquor & Drinks Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design CocinaAlmacenamiento
Lisa Melvin Design

Bespoke Liquor & Drinks Cabinet

Lisa Melvin Design

We like a little luxury in our kitchens and there's no doubting that lighting the inside of your cabinets counts as both a practical and extravagant touch.

9. Spice rack door inserts

Surrey kitchen Lewis Alderson CocinaEstanterías y gavetas
Lewis Alderson

Surrey kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Putting the back of cupboard doors to good use is a clever way to free up busy shelves and when it comes to spices, those little jars can really add up and get in the way.

Door racks are perfect for preventing them overrunning your cupboards.

10. Hidden larder

Hillcrest De Rosee Sa CocinaAlmacenamiento
De Rosee Sa


De Rosee Sa

From the outside, this super organised larder looks like any other cupboard but, on the inside, it's a tailored solution station! The integral wine racks and bread drawers are absolutely brilliant.

11. Adaptable tap

Immovable taps might be the norm but they aren't hugely helpful when you want to spritz a salad or really clean the sink. Poseable bendy options are far more practical!

12. Handy blackboard

Any home needs a good communication system and a blackboard is perfect for leaving family messages or even making a note of items that need to go on the next shopping list. 

The bigger the blackboard, the better!

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 Practical Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier.

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