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Cadaval & Solà-Morales Comedores de estilo moderno
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This extraordinary dwelling is located in the Spanish Pyrenees in a quiet, mountainside village. Its rustic facade belies a inventive interior, with the home presenting an example of modern, minimalist design at its finest. 

The design comes courtesy of Barcelona's Cadaval & Sola-Morales Architects, and manages to inject a contemporary edge into the traditional atmosphere of the surrounding village. From the outside the house displays a parochial stone facade, with high walls ascending into the apex of a pointed, tiled roof. Nestled into the green of a small hillside, at first glance the home could well be a church or barn, with its grey exterior concealing clean lines and colourful bursts of character. 

Upon entry we're greeted by lofty white walls and the deep tones of polished wooden floorboards. Furnishings are minimal, contemporary and casually displayed, with chairs and couches seeming to have wandered towards the warmth of modern fireplaces of their own accord. Amongst the expansive living space and minimalist design one feature within this home definitely sets it apart: the dramatic effect of sunflower yellow storage spaces bursting from each level. 

This striking tone not only warms the interior of the home, but serves to brighten the surrounding neighbourhood as well, as the glorious hue flows out large windows into the village beyond. The effect presents a constant point of interest for the home, leaving passers-by to stop in their tracks and gaze in wonder at the flash of colour above them.

Let's take a tour and you can see for yourself!

Alluring façade

Standing proud and elevated upon the hillside, the home emits a bold persona, particularly after dark.

Light streams from the windows, with the white and yellow interior bursting out onto the surroundings, filling the night with colour and warming the chilly mountain air. The triangular interior appears slightly skewed, adding an interesting, geometric element to this design. 

Through a smaller window in the stone wall below we can see that same burst of yellow, hinting that the colourful storage somehow flows straight through the floor in one sleek, bright column.

Lower level

The lower level of the home can be accessed via a paved, stone courtyard that looks out onto the village. 

Despite its minimal furnishings, the space appears cosy and inviting, with the sleek, modern lines of the fire place adding warmth and comfort in the chilly mountain climate. A thick rug and contemporary chaise provide a location for lounging and relaxation. Up the smooth surface of a polished, wooden ramp we arrive at a mezzanine kitchen, which has been sectioned off with an area for dining.

Mezzanine kitchen

This vantage lends more insight into the design of the lower living space, with the yellow storage cabinet enlivening the room and providing an immediate point of focus. The elevated kitchen creates a masterful spacial distinction, clearly delineating the dining and living areas. High, white ceilings and the luxurious depth of the wooden floors create an expansive atmosphere, augmented by natural light and air flowing through the large, glass doors leading outside.

Upper living area

Moving through to the upper floor and we're immediately struck by the stunning view of the mountains flowing through a generous array of windows. The windows border the length of the space, meaning that no area is excluded from the grandeur of the home's natural surrounds. 

The grey of the storage cabinets and rug seen here emulate the dark tones of the mountains, echoing the colour scheme of the exterior within the home's lofty walls. Furnishings are once again sparse and minimal, although shelving running the length of the space provides a home for book and knick knacks.

Warm yellow

Changing perspective and we can see that the burst of bright yellow has also been included on this level of the home, giving the illusion of an enormous, glowing pillar running through the floor to the level below. This space includes another contemporary fire place in order to maximise warmth and comfort during the colder months, and a sofa for optimal lounging and relaxation. 

Dining area

Beyond the fireplace lies a banquet table able to accommodate a larger party than that included in the mezzanine kitchen below. Situated on the upper level of the home, this space provides the perfect vantage from which guests can enjoy the stunning landscape enveloping this property. 

The deep tones of the wooden floor stream through the space, elongating an already expansive area, while the bright, white walls ascend into a glorious apex overhead.

Beautiful view

At the end of the upper level of the home another contemporary cooking space has been included.

Sectioned off by the warm hue of the yellow storage unit, this space is chic and minimal in its design, never detracting from the view of the surrounding village and countryside. The white of the kitchen island ties beautifully with the walls to either side, and is lit by a streamlined hanging lamp. 

The most extraordinary element of this space is the expansive, glazed windows which light up the home, drawing in the colours of nature. Covering an entire wall of the upper level, the windows create a sense of openness as sunshine streams into space, with the warm glow of the home's interior shining out upon the village in return.

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