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Today on homify 360° we celebrate our local talent by zooming in one of our very own structures – an ultra modern (and oh-so fantastic) house located in good old Johannesburg. 

This house seems to have it all: soft neutral tones, contemporary furniture, a fabulous garden, and wide open terraces and balconies. But in addition, it also shows us how committed it is to keeping clutter at bay due to its ample storage compartments.  

And let’s not forget about its potential when it comes to socialising, with wide open spaces and elegant seating/dining areas just waiting to be filled by a myriad of guests. 

Feel like becoming just a tad green with envy? Then scroll right ahead…

A structure of cubes

Typical of the modern style, the façade presents a strong dose of linear designs and cubic layouts – a myriad of horizontal- and vertical lines intercepting one another to form walls, windows, doors, balconies… everything, really.

And can you appreciate the fabulous dose of neutral colours adorning the exterior surfaces?

Living in style

From that open and spacious terrace we venture inside, straight into the living area. Here, the living room presents a plush and very comfy looking place to sit and/or lounge while catching up on gossip, watching a movie, reading, or simply just relaxing.

Notice the open-floor layout which offers us a glimpse of the adjoining space – the dining room.

Stylish dining

With ample space for a party of 10, the dining table flaunts its modern look with delicious style. Both table and chairs are coated in a dusty timber tone which contrasts quite fantastically with the kitchen and staircase in the background.

Speaking of staircases, we so need to take a closer look at that magnificent beauty…

A fantastic focal piece

This modern staircase definitely knows how to hold its own when it comes to aesthetically pleasing pieces. Much more than just a method to transport us between floors, this open-riser becomes part of the interior décor – so much so that additional beauty elements are hardly necessary. 

Notice the linear style continuing strongly throughout all the rooms

An elegant bathroom

Like the spaces we’ve discovered so far, the bathroom also decided to keep it low-key and neutral – but that doesn’t mean that a fabulous focal piece, such as this wall, is overkill. 

Timber continues to do its best in the shape of a simple shelf/counter which displays the sink while also folding into a storage spot for simple bathroom accessories, like towels. 

What type of mirror would you add to that wall with the striking wallpaper?

A dose of fresh dreams

The more private areas of the house are located upstairs – and this stunning bedroom is treated to one of the best locations, as it has a fantastic view of the surrounding gardens while also getting access to the spacious balcony. 

But let’s not forget its commitment to interior design, for it flaunts a serious sense of gorgeous looks thanks to the neutral colours, open layout, and rather minimalist-type approach to décor.

The beauty of the bathroom

The elegance continues into the bathroom, which presents the same spacious layout as all the other rooms. In here, one can comfortably walk from shower to tub, and from toilet to sink, without so much as stubbing a toe. 

And bravo to the interior designers for committing to storage spaces in the form of elongated drawers – what a myriad of bathroom necessities can lie hidden in there? 

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