Your perfect bedroom design, so says your star sign!

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Your perfect bedroom design, so says your star sign!

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Do we believe that your star sign attributes can accurately predict what style of bedroom you'll love the most? Well, the jury might still be out on that one, but it's fun to put the theory to the test, don't you agree? Interior designers might baulk at the notion of using zodiac signs as a basis for cohesive bedroom styling, but if it works, then this might be a great way to decorate your whole house, unless of course you have lots of different star signs all under one roof! Have your sign in your mind now, as we try to predict what you'd love to see in your bedroom, then tell us if we got it right or not!

1. Virgos love to embrace neutral tones and minimalism, so we give them a simple and neutral space is for them!

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Cuartos de estilo mediterráneo de Bloomint design Mediterráneo
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

An attic bedroom would be an added bonus too!

2. Aries' are passionate people, so we recommend red or pink for the walls!

Funky storage won't ever look out of place for an Aries!

3. Steadfast Taurus' love earth tones and rich musky colors will suit them best.

Keep an eye out for vintage rugs, as an extra accessory!

4. Visible cultural influences and amazing art are ideal for a Gemini bedroom.

APARTMENT “VERBI” Cuartos de estilo minimalista de Polygon arch&des Minimalista
Polygon arch&des


Polygon arch&des

Creating some one-off art for a Gemini would be a great present idea!

5. Cozy and snugly decor is mandatory for a Cancer's bedroom. You big softies!

Proyectos de interiorismo varios Cuartos de estilo moderno de estudio 60/75 Moderno
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

Underfloor heating would be the ultimate treat for a Cancer!

6. Leos strive to live lavishly, so opulent, luxurious fabrics need to form the basis for their bedroom.

At last! A reason to splurge on velvet bed linen!

7. Balance is vital for a Libra, so choose symmetry and coordinated colors for their rooms.

This scheme will work so well in a studio apartment!

8. All Scorpios are bold and brave so their bedroom decor should be too! Daring contrasts will work well!

Hells Kitchen Penthouse Cuartos de Bhavin Taylor Design
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hells Kitchen Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

Keep an eye out for really dramatic wallpaper!

9. Sagittarius' love travel and romance, both of which should play a key role in their bedrooms.

Wall decals are an easy way to add a little romance to the walls!

10. Focused and determined, Capricorns will thrive in a masculine and dark room.

Industrial accessories would be perfect for a Capricorn room.

11. Aquarius' all have a naturally joyful personality, so opt for creative and artistic touches in their room.

Hidden funky touches, such as this polka dot wall are perfect for any Aquarius.

12. A Pisces person will have a calm and reflective nature, which makes natural blues their perfect color choice.

Master bed by WN Interiors Cuartos industriales de homify Industrial

Master bed by WN Interiors


An artistic watercolor mural would be another great wall option!

If you like this concept for decorating, take a look at this article: A bathroom for each star sign.

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