20 things you shouldn't have in your home if you're 30

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20 things you shouldn't have in your home if you're 30

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The 30 threshold is a serious milestone. No longer in your 20s, you’re now well and truly considered an adult as you embark upon what most consider the most interesting, fulfilling and best decade of your life. Sure, 21 was nice, you were young, full of energy and wonderfully naïve. And 25 was a pretty sweet year too, as you crossed into your first quarter century. However, nothing really compares to the terrifying yet ultimately relieving progression of passing into your 30s. Perhaps you’re coming up to your 30th birthday, or maybe you’re already there? Either way, we’ve got a few design hints to improve your home. 

By the time you reach your 30s, it’s often time to ensure your home reflects your lifestyle. You’re probably more responsible, with a full time career, and therefore, it’s important your dwelling echoes your way of life. In order to do this, there are certain items you should remove from your abode immediately! Would you like to learn more? Read on below and get started today!

1. Plastic chairs might be convenient, but they lack style. Invest in something a little more chic like timber, iron or wicker

2. No need to hang your high school diplomas on the wall any longer – instead store them safely in a drawer

3. Kitchen mess! This needs to go – your cooking space should be neat, tidy and practical

Cocinas de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

4. Have you neglected your outdoor area? Give it a little attention and ensure you have somewhere perfect for hosting a garden event

This is better! Choose stylish furniture, plants and a minimalist aesthetic

5. Avoid decorating like you did when you were a student. Add accessories, artwork and remove anything that evokes a ‘student’ vibe

This looks far superior! Lights have been added with colourful and sophisticated accoutrements

6. Is your tableware chipped or incomplete? Ensure you have a full set, which either matches or eclectically differs

7. Forget mattresses for beds! If you’re over 30 you need a proper sleeping space to rest your head

8. Beds without bed linen instantly ruin an interior aesthetic. Time to grow up and find a matching set!

Antes de la Reforma de Inuk Home Studio Mediterráneo
Inuk Home Studio

Antes de la Reforma

Inuk Home Studio

See how much better this room looks with linen, cushions, side tables and lamps…

Después de Reforma de Inuk Home Studio Mediterráneo
Inuk Home Studio

Después de Reforma

Inuk Home Studio

If you need bedroom, décor or design advice, you can always chat to an expert. Find a professional interior designer via the homify website and get started today!

9. An unadorned entrance space is uninviting, dull and needs to be correctly decorated

Acceso Principal Estado Original Puertas y ventanas de estilo moderno de Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto Moderno
Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto

Acceso Principal Estado Original

Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto

Take some cues from this unbelievable, modern entry…

10. A poorly designed, dirty or ugly bathroom setup needs to go immediately! Take a look at this impressive example with relaxing whirlpool bath for soaking after a long or intense day

11. Dirty walls are a fact of life, but now that you’re over 30 you need to clean them!

Casas modernas de homify Moderno

12. Clutter is ageless, but it’s a good idea to instil some de-cluttering skills early on in your life

de toki Escandinavo

13. Ugly furniture you received for free from your parents when you moved. Get rid of it and invest in a more chic alternative

14. Broken kitchen cabinet doors. These need to be repaired, mended or replaced immediately

de toki Escandinavo

15. Visible cables can be hard to hide, but cable tidies can help your space to feel a little more organised

de toki Escandinavo

16. Too little furniture. If your home is lacking furniture it won’t be suitable for personal relaxation, or inviting friends over for dinner

de homify Escandinavo

17. Dead plants. If they’re dead throw them away. Learn to garden and your home will look spectacularly lush

18. Junk on the floor. Purchase some storage and keep your floors clean and organised

19. A shabby home office. You’re an adult now, and an organised workspace is essential

Oficinas de estilo colonial de acertus Colonial

This renovated room looks much better! Choose a light colour scheme, remove clutter and immediately reap the rewards

Study room Oficinas de estilo moderno de acertus Moderno

Study room


20. Teenage décor. You will probably share the house with a significant other, so it’s a good idea to decorate in a style that will suit both of you

Do you agree with our list? If you’d like some more decorating advice, check out: 10 tricks to lower your home costs in 2017

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