14 charming ideas to illuminate the entrance of your home

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14 charming ideas to illuminate the entrance of your home

de CORTéS Arquitectos Minimalista
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The first thing of the house seen by the visitor is its entrance. It is the first thing that tells a lot about you and your personality, therefore, it should be carefully designed that is suitable for all time, whether it is day or night. Lighting has an important role to play in addition to enlightening the dark space at night.  It has a certain aesthetic and fascinating impact on the decor while playing with the lights and shadows.

Lighting the entrance is an important aspect of the house and it should brighten the space aesthetically. Today we have come up with 14 wonderful ideas to lighten it. We hope you will admire them.

The simple

The simple lighting in this design focuses on the entrance differently and with care. The appropriate intensity of the light lightens up every corner of the entrance.

​The classic

Entrada con iluminación por faroles Puertas y ventanas de estilo mediterráneo de Decoración Andalusí Mediterráneo Madera maciza Multicolor
Decoración Andalusí

Entrada con iluminación por faroles

Decoración Andalusí

This luxurious entrance requires a suitable lighting to match its style. So an Arabic style lamp is suspended with wall-mounted lamps around the entrance to illuminate the space and give it a classic touch.

The hidden light to illuminate the walkway

Jardines de estilo moderno de INDICO Moderno

Here the hidden lights illuminate both side of the walkway thus guiding the visitor to the entrance of the house.

The peaceful lighting

If stairway leads up to the entrance to your home, you can add hidden lights at the bottom of each step. It will provide practical lighting along with the beautiful look.

​The wall

You can put wall-mounted lamps on the wall for focusing lights on the entrance door or balconies. It will give a beautiful effect on the stone walls of your house.

The distributed lighting

Detalle de acceso Casas modernas de fc3arquitectura Moderno

Detalle de acceso


Here the spread of light from the spotlight placed in more than one place is distributing the lights evenly and smoothly.

​Hidden source

Ingreso de homify Moderno Mármol



At first glance you may not be able to locate the source of light, but on closer look you will find the lights focused at the entrance and concealed in the ground. It enhances the shine and charisma of this entrance.

​In the ground

The lamps buried in the wooden flooring is lighting up the entrance and creating a drama too as it shed lights on the stone wall.

​Illuminated ceiling

Residencia R53 Casas modernas de Imativa Arquitectos Moderno
Imativa Arquitectos

Residencia R53

Imativa Arquitectos

In addition to the tiered lighting on the floor, strong headlamp in the upper ceiling is illuminating the entrance and together they are providing a peaceful and strong environment to it.

​Highlighting the artworks

Here the focus of the spotlight is on the side garden and a piece of art adorning it which is simply a visual delight.

​The fountain

If there is a beautiful garden at the entrance to your home, make sure that the lighting is distributed properly so that it show all the aesthetic features such as the fountain right in the middle of it.

​Internal lights

Casa Barrancas Puertas y ventanas de estilo moderno de Ezequiel Farca Moderno
Ezequiel Farca

Casa Barrancas

Ezequiel Farca

The beauty of this entrance depends on the dim lighting with the unique design of the door so that the interior light is reflected to the outside to guide the visitors.

Geometric pattern

The spotlight strategically placed on the wall is forming a wonderful geometric pattern on the wall and is simply a delight to watch.

​Dramatic lights

Iluminación de un porche Jardines de estilo rústico de OutSide Tech Light Rústico
OutSide Tech Light

Iluminación de un porche

OutSide Tech Light

This entrance has been designed from natural ores and is old-fashioned but the arrangement of lighting is reflecting the style!

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas modernas de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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