12 intriguing homes with a secret

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12 intriguing homes with a secret

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There's nothing more exciting than a little mystery and intrigue, and architecture is no different. The professionals here at homify are renowned for their innovative and groundbreaking designs, that push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of home design, and we thought it was time to gather some of the most interesting examples in one place. That's why today we're bringing you 12 intriguing homes with a secret.

Now secret isn't always the word you want to hear when it comes to building a new home, but don't worry, these are the good kind of secrets, the type of surprises that make a home truly special. These are homes that have depth and character, that don't give everything away at first glance, but instead keep their cards close to their chest. Luckily we have the inside scoop, and we're going to show you exactly why these homes are so remarkable, so let's get into it!

1. A forest getaway

This stunning construction is the perfect winter getaway. Nestled deep in the woods, you'll find a hyper modern design, featuring two contrasting hues of timber, and it's most spectacular feature of all, a fire pit built into the terrace! This means you can spend long winter evenings warming yourself by the fire and enjoying the gorgeous surroundings.

2. A traditional Asian home

From the street view this looks like an ordinary house, but behind the facade is fabulous patio, and a garden of arable soil, ready for planting vegetables, herbs, and fruit! The patio features an al fresco dining area, and a separate place to recline with a drink, making this the perfect spot for family get-togethers.  

3. Au naturel

This home makes the most of the natural beauty of its construction materials, with timber slats and Mediterranean stone giving this home a traditional look that belies its thoroughly modern design. The best feature though is the garden, with its picturesque pond in the centre.

4. Hidden in the earth

Fishing Lodge, Bulgaria Casas de estilo rústico de Simon Gill Architects Rústico
Simon Gill Architects

Fishing Lodge, Bulgaria

Simon Gill Architects

This home is one of the most amazing we've ever seen. A fishing lodge built by a breathtaking lake, it features one large tower at the front, but the rest of the home is dug into the side of the earth. With a ceiling of soil and grass it uses the natural environment to regulate the home's temperature, an advanced concept that not only looks magical, but is also really eco-friendly. If you're intrigued you can take a closer look at this fabulous home right here!

5. A truly mobile home

ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

You may be wondering how this home ended up in the middle of this idyllic field. Well the answer is that this home can go wherever you like, it's so mobile the whole thing can be put on the back of a truck, and moved anywhere your heart desires! The construction itself is simple and practical, with everything a nomadic adventurer with a taste for home comforts might need.

6. A forgotten antique?

Not even close. While this fantastic stone building might have a couple of centuries under its belt already, the interior has been completely revamped with an industrial, yet homely interior that puts it right on the cutting edge of home design, while retaining the vintage charm of the facade.

7. A poolside rec room

This may look like a cute little home with a rather luxurious pool, but this isn't even the house proper. The home is to the right, but walk down the hill and you'll find a dedicated recreation room, featuring a pool table, foosball table, and an entertainment system, ideal for summer pool parties.

8. Unorthodox design

Perspectiva noturna Casas de estilo minimalista de Tony Santos Arquitetura Minimalista
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Perspectiva noturna

Tony Santos Arquitetura

The professionals at homify never cease to blow us away with their innovative designs, and this is a great example. It's a really unique home, featuring avant-garde design elements that actually serve really practical purposes, such as the timber shelter on the entranceway that forms a porch unlike any we've seen before.

9. Moody decor

There's nothing more mysterious than a dark colour palette, and it works wonderfully in the middle of nature where it seamlessly blends with the surroundings. Charred timber is gaining momentum as a choice for home facades, and it's easy to see why with this impressive and moody cabin.

10. Maximum privacy

Fachada principal Casas de estilo minimalista de homify Minimalista

Fachada principal


This home gives absolutely nothing away from the exterior, other than the fact that it is the work of true masters of architecture. With only one small window looking into the entrance of the home the facade offers maximum privacy. While you might think that would make the home dark or uninviting, it's actually perched on top of a hill, with hidden levels behind the facade featuring full wall windows with absolutely magnificent views of the mountainous countryside.

11. Unmatched luxury

Like the previous home this house uses its perch on a hilltop to hide its best features, only this time the facade is visible from the street side with the upper level hidden. If you are lucky enough to be invited up there you'll find a truly luxurious swimming pool and patio area that overlooks the stunning town. Just take a look for yourself!

12. Humble exterior, opulent interior

This small home certainly has charm with its cappuccino facade, but that's nothing on the amazingly opulent interior hidden within. Packed with modern art, contemporary interior decoration, and a regal dining table big enough for the whole extended family, this home is just full of surprises!

These amazing homes are gifts that just keep on giving! If you'd like to learn the secrets of this particular home you can take a guided tour right here!

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