Banish the clutter from your home in 6 easy steps

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Banish the clutter from your home in 6 easy steps

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
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At homify, we believe that having a neat and organised home is the first step in all forms of interior design. Yet, if we’re being honest, almost every liveable home accumulates excess at some point or another. In which case, prioritize some time to sit down and sift out what you can toss or donate from the items that truly matter. It will help you reclaim your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal. A great way to tell if you need something is to ask yourself whether you love it, it regularly serves a functional purpose, or if it is important for your livelihood. If the answer is no, just say goodbye! Perhaps the issue is not that you have an excess of superfluous items floating around, but that you just don’t know where to stow them. Let us help you with that. Here are six straightforward tips for clearing away the clutter in your home.

Let a compartmentalised wardrobe do the work for you

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A great starting point for ditching the clutter is to get it out of sight. We don’t, however, mean for you to simply sweep it under the rug. Instead, opt to create a designated, logical place for your items so that you can easily find them later. That’s why installing compartments in a large wardrobe is an excellent means of maximising space and keeping things organised. This example features a large wardrobe that splendidly matches the colour tones of the bedroom and features several shelves, a shoe rack, and a space for hanging more delicate articles of clothing. This same technique can be employed in a kitchen, living room, or home office as well. In the kitchen a compartmentalised wardrobe can serve as a rustic pantry and a perfect place to store lesser used cooking items. Having a place to store tools, auxiliary electronics, instruction manuals, or other knick-knacks in the living room or home office can be a one step solution to bringing order to these pesky items that never seem to have a place.

Keeping it clutter free under the bed

Storage under the bed is one of the most common places to put bulky items like suitcases, linens, off-season clothing, and the like. Doing so can be a practical option for many of us. Be warned, though, that storing things under the bed can result in amassing all kinds of unnecessary bits and bats of things that really ought to be let go. Don’t let this happen to you! A way to regulate what gets stowed under the bed is to invest in some storage containers. This set up by Better.Interiors is ideal because these sturdy yet decorative boxes go nicely with the linens in the room, which makes them look intentional rather than cluttered and chaotic. The fact that they have lids also keeps items neat and nicely contained.

Bookshelves are not just for books

Bookshelves are a tasteful way to organise pieces that you’d like to showcase. They are a ideal for expressing your personal tastes and preferences. Certainly they are useful for books, but their storage potential does not stop there. The bookshelf is also great for displaying decorative items of all shapes and sizes. We love this example because it shows how beautifully books and decorative pieces can look intermixed with one another. Choosing a shelving unit with different sized compartments is also a simple way to add an element of design to the room. Bookshelves with compartments that vary in both width and height can most optimally display various items you would like to show because they can complement the dimensions of the pieces themselves. Another tip worth mentioning is that the bookshelf works well for storing bottles and glassware too.

Organise better with a built-in

Built-in storage units allow you to customize to your own specific needs and space constraints. They combine the compartmentalized wardrobe tip above as well as the multidimensionality of the varied bookshelf. Built-in storage units provide the benefit of floor-to-ceiling storage, which is best for maximising one’s storage space. They are a perfect solution for his-and-her dressing rooms. Perhaps one partner needs more closet space for hanging formal attire while the other would love a spot to stow all their hats. This depiction of expansive built-in storage offers compartments of varying sizes that are adjusted for both individuals using it. One chose to include more space for smaller accessories like handbags and scarves while the other went with more space to hang shirts and pants. Voilà! Things are easily organised, and everyone is happy.

Shoot for the right shoe rack

Storage under stairs de Fraher and Findlay Moderno
Fraher and Findlay

Storage under stairs

Fraher and Findlay

A major source of general clutter and hazard in our homes and walkways is the overflow of shoes. Searching for the mate to the pair that perfectly matches your outfit can even cause us to be late to important events! Ideally, we should keep shoes arranged on a shoe rack so that no one trips, and we can find what we need more easily. Today there are many options on the market, so you don’t have to choose a bulky eyesore just because it’s practical. This example demonstrates just how innovative you can get when selecting a shoe rack. It is made in the same beautiful hardwood as the staircase and it can be pushed underneath when necessary to allow for more space. Further, it is smart to make sure the shoe rack is placed in a spot that is well lit so that we can best assess what’s there.

Under the stairs

Traditional Cut String painted staircase with an Oak Handrail and carved Brackets. Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo clásico de Buscott Woodworking Clásico
Buscott Woodworking

Traditional Cut String painted staircase with an Oak Handrail and carved Brackets.

Buscott Woodworking

It may not occur to you, but you likely have an entire storey’s worth of unoccupied space that is excellent for uncluttering under your stairs! Simply installing some shelves in this spot can give you ample space to stow all sorts of items from board games, to linens, to books and DVDs. This little nook could even accommodate a small desk and be transformed into a cosy study. Further, the installation of lights brightens up this space to make it more functional. Utilizing the space beneath your steps as a small closet is another way to maximise the potential of under the stairs storage, especially if you’d like to keep items out of sight. The key to eliminating clutter in your home is creatively maximising the space you have. Happy decorating!

If you found these tips helpful, you will likely enjoy this Ideabook on how to maximise the space in your small bathroom.

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