12 modern gardens that will make you sigh with pleasure

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12 modern gardens that will make you sigh with pleasure

Leigh Leigh
Piscinas de estilo moderno de HPONCE ARQUITECTOS Moderno
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We all love having a beautiful garden at home as it is practical and gives us our own small piece of nature in the urban world of South African life. 

What's more is that there are so many modern and stylish gardens that exist today, which are dynamic and full of personality. With the influence of modern society today, gardens have become a means of expression for owners.

This is why we at homify have taken the opportunity to put together an array of modern gardens for you to have a look through and be inspired by. These will show you how many options there are, which speak to you and your personality and style. What's more is that all of these are practical and easy to maintain.

Are you ready to go on a little tour?

1. Multiple levels

Sometimes we don't have enough space to create a large garden, which is why we need to get a little bit practical and creative.

If you have a house with a small outdoor space, design a garden on several levels like these designers have done. You'll create more space and a beautiful design.

2. Stone coatings

Regardless of the size of your garden, adding natural stone coating can give it a very unique charm that will look great both day and night. Remember that stone needs good lighting to highlight its beauty.

Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses for inspiration.

3. A swimming pool

This modern style is based on the use of straight lines, with functional spaces made from diverse materials. By using medium-sized plants with wooden surfaces, a beautiful garden is created.

However, a water source can also add a very refreshing touch to your garden and can be highly useful in the warm summer months.

If you can't fit in a swimming pool, opt for a water feature of sorts.

4. Stone floors

Jardines de estilo moderno de PHia Moderno

Our lifestyles today are very active. Between work and social lives, it can sometimes be hard to find time to maintain our gardens. This is why you don't always have to opt for grass for your garden or outdoor area. In fact, you can rather go for stone or rocks, which are easier to maintain but still look elegant and savvy. 

As you can see in this design by professionals PHIA, contrasting shades of stone can pack quite a punch!

5. Vertical gardens

If you are struggling with space, there are creative alternatives. Opt for a vertical garden, which will create a strong connection with nature without taking up any room on the floor. It is also charming, fun and above all, modern.

6. Perfect lighting

Jardin Interior Jardines de estilo minimalista de 21arquitectos Minimalista

Jardin Interior


A modern garden loses its style and ambiance if it isn't lit up properly. Install soft lights throughout the outdoor area to illuminate the details and designs of this space. It will also allow you to enjoy this area at night.

7. Sources of light and water

A modern garden can be complemented with a contemporary touch. Install a simple yet elegant water fountain like this one, which is enhanced by the beautiful lights and you'll have a stunning exterior space.

8. Floating gardens

We have already mentioned several times how water can play a vital role in the garden, but in this design we can see how it can become the main protagonist of the space. This floating garden is very special and simply beautiful.

9. Gardens full of comfort

Moroccan style garden Jardines de estilo mediterráneo de Gullaksen Architects Mediterráneo
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

A modern garden is not only about materials that are stylish and sophisticated. It's also about creating spaces where we can enjoy the nature, the sunshine and the fresh air. This is why you shouldn't hesitate to complement your beautiful outdoor space with comfortable and funky furniture. This will allow you to share this area with friends and family comfortably. 

Don't you love this eclectic outdoor design?

10. Take advantage of your walls

Take advantage of every square inch of your garden to create a magical and refreshing space. As we can see in this design, the walls not only feature a vertical garden but they also hold shelves where pot plants have been put on display. This is very Bohemian and gives the entire wall a very lush look and feel.

11. Country inspiration

The interesting thing about working with modern designs is that they are totally adaptable to other trends and styles, including a country look and feel.

Here we can see how the plants and materials chosen incorporate rustic and modern elements.

12. With a firepit

Jardines de estilo moderno de Buildn Moderno

Your imagination should know no limits when it comes to the design and creation of a garden. Why not install a firepit? This is the perfect focal point for an outdoor area and makes it very cosy in winter!

Also have a look at these tips for making a garden overnight.

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas modernas de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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