9 amazing BBQ grills!

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9 amazing BBQ grills!

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 de estilo  por Slabon  Forja Creativa, Moderno
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A grill or barbecue is a feature that adds much charm to your outdoor kitchen or patio. This convenient, all-weather outdoor cooking style combines great flavours with easy socialising. Come and take a look at these beautiful BBQ grills and get inspired to make good use of Singapore's fair weather and fine roof terraces!

​1. Curved beauty

 de estilo  por Barbecue, Rural

This charming grill will put a whole lot of personality into your patio. The various levels help you plan and prepare your gourmet voyage with precision and finesse. Credit for this creation goes to the fireplace suppliers at Barbecue

2. ​Pergola-style

 de estilo  por Slabon  Forja Creativa, Moderno
Slabon  Forja Creativa

Barbacoa paellero y pérgola – Slabon Forja Creativa

Slabon Forja Creativa

This example combines a lounging spot with a cooking station. The spit is divided between two islands, while overhead you find a curved pergola with a trellis-like pattern and lots of golden lighting.

​3. Fit for a castle

This kind of spit will add a rather lofty angle to your deck area. You don't need to add much more to your backyard if this is the kind of grill you plan to install. The varying levels ensure that you can cook various dishes at one time, no doubt delighting your guests!

4. ​Rustic grey

 de estilo colonial por The Braai Man, Colonial
The Braai Man

Clad your Braai in Stone

The Braai Man

This traditional barbecue will take you back to days of yore. The stacked stone with the furnace in the middle and a porch running around it will give you plenty of space to sit and prepare, while your succulent ingredients cook away to perfection.

​5. Futuristic spit

 de estilo  por Slabon  Forja Creativa, Rural
Slabon  Forja Creativa

Barbacoa y pérgola – Slbon Forja Creativa

Slabon Forja Creativa

This type of a concept-based spit is one of a kind, thanks to the wrought iron umbrella that stands above. The flat platform grill can accommodate multiple activities, creating a layered look as you manage the cooking part.

​6. Contemporary flair

This quaint addition to the outdoor seating area has transported us to a place of perpetual relaxation. This pebbled spit has been held in place with an iron wire cover, which lets the pebbles peek out for a natural effect. The setting and floral arrangements ensure that you can enjoy your food straight out of the oven.

7. ​Tabletop grill

 de estilo  por KUB, Ecléctico

This is a convenient urban take on the traditional spit, and one that is an absolute hit as far as urban living goes. You can start the fire at any time and enjoy the fun as your family gathers around the table.

8. ​Larger-than-life rotisserie

This larger-than-life rotisserie lets you create various authentic wood-fired and smoked delights. It has been built under a roof of its own so that you can easily cook and store the essentials.

​9. Quirky design

The designers at Kunsteboer created this playfully elegant tree-shaped design with a steel grill. The look is whimsical and fun, while the wheels make it portable.

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Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS, Moderno

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