A Modern Family Palace in the Suburbs

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This outstanding, seemingly rustic, home is so much more than meets the eye. The space is perfectly planned from exterior to interior, from design to décor, and detail to detail, throughout every corner of this fabulous home.

It is certainly not easy to merge old fashion quality and timeless style with a sleek and modern edge, but the team at Meyer Cortez Architecture seems to have met the design brief completely. The added materials and textures make this home so much more characterful, charming and altogether gorgeous.

The use of neutral colours to the façade and natural elements, both on the outside and inside, allow this home to look appealing and elegant and would make a perfect addition to any neighbourhood! Let's take a look around…

Suave traditional style

The street view of this amazing home gives us a glimpse of what can be seen behind the high compound like walls. The exterior has been kept neutral with an all-white façade, there is something almost old-fashioned and unique about the outside view of this magnificent double storey home. The view of the top floor is clear with enough natural sunlight pouring in through the windows throughout the day, while the ground level view is almost hidden from prying eyes.

From this angle we can appreciate the entire view of the home, taking in all the natural wooden elements used along with the white walls, which makes this residence so rustic, charming and appealing. This view shows off the simple entrance and garage doors, all perfectly matched in the same red-orange shade of wooden panels. The high walls with electric fencing ensure the compound remains safe, regardless of the day or night.

Ideal dining room

This idea of a dining room seems to fit in well with the traditional elements and materials used in the home, but with an almost modern twist, the extensive yet wonderful wooden floors look almost polished and shiny, but also add a warmth and comfort to the home. The modern influence and natural materials makes this dining room the perfect place for socialising and entertaining family and friends!

The addition of a TV to the dining room space means you will never miss out on the latest news or sport shows and the lighting above the table adds a cosy ambience to the entire space. The art pieces elegantly placed on the wall shows off this homes unique modern edge, while the shutter doors on the right of the room provides an entryway for yet another well-thought out home improvement… the living room.

Living room

Creating a living room that combines a multitude of traditional aspects with a modern edge, might not seem that easy. But considering how well presented this room actually is, it might not be as hard as you think. The living room space allows for comfort, while exuding cosiness and warmth and an invitation to come in, have a seat and relax. 

The giant sofas are just calling for someone to spend the day doing nothing while lounging around in their pyjamas and flip through channels on the large TV set. And if the TV is not appealing to you, the well-lit bookcase in this room might just have something to peek your interest. This room takes functional elements and incorporates them into being a means of organisation too. The neutral tones used from the walls to the floors and the furniture all seems to work well in making this living room, more than just liveable.

Fusion kitchen

The kitchen being the heart and soul of a home often shows off more of the personality of the inhabitants or the owners. Throughout this home we have seen a dramatic use of wooden elements in the flooring, making for a more traditional outcome. However, the kitchen seems to be somewhat different, a bit less traditional, almost slightly more modern. And well that can never be a bad thing, as a result modernism brings with it modern appliances and sleeker design… something we have all come to know and love. 

Here we see a neutral use of colour in the furnishings and flooring, but with a touch of drama in the multi-coloured mosaic splashback. The feature works well with the wooden elements of the entire corner and the generous and well-spaced counter design and layout. A bit more old-fashioned approached however was used in the light fixtures, creating a simple yet easy to maintain area. The addition of shiny appliances and an efficient gas hob finishes off the kitchen quite well.

Master suite

The neutral and natural elements are included again into the bedroom, which is situated on the upper level of this amazing fusion home. The solid blue wall used on only one side of the room, make this colour stand out even more and with the addition of the padded headboard, it seems almost vintage in appearance, yet remains charming, inviting and rustic.

The shiny wooden floors makes this room so welcoming, while the low light atmosphere provides an almost intimate ambience. The elegant wooden cabinet against the wall again gives off that vintage appeal, and with the large TV in the room too, this room is certainly not devoid of modern elements. While the inclusion of the double doors opening out onto the balcony will just provide so much unbelievable natural sunlight and ventilation during the day.

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Eggplant bathroom

This bathroom maintains the natural element idea being carried through to the space, and although the bathroom is not that spacious, the inclusion of the large mirror above the bathroom sink allows it to look a lot larger than it is.

The eggplant tone of the bathroom wall exudes a sort of joy and cheerful attitude, making it vibrant, fun and altogether adorable, and the addition of the art pieces against the wall, further utilises the characteristics and personality of the inhabitants and owners, working quite well. 

The stone countertop further accentuates the natural elements and materials used throughout the house, the lighting is bright enough to provide perfect illumination for this bathroom space. While the stone flooring provides a perfect combination for the similar toned countertop. The modern faucets and pot plant finishes off the details.

The small bathroom window with the wooden element coming through again, completes this unique design.

Garden and pool

This large garden with magnificent swimming pool and terrace is just the perfect way to finish off the tour of this fascinating house. It is an essential part of this home that will be an amazing place to relax, soak up the rays of the sun while admiring the solace, peace and quiet of the home.

So while you spend the hours in the garden area lounging on the perfectly-placed deck chairs and enjoying the greenery that surrounds you, jumping into this inviting swimming pool should be the perfect way to start or end off the busy day.

The kitchen which we saw earlier actually opens up onto the garden area, this makes the home family friendly. So while the adults get the supper together and enjoy their own entertainment indoors, the children can have their own little socialisation outside on the grass, enjoying the swimming pool, under the watchful eye of the grownups.

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