6 beautiful wall paint styles to try for your home

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6 beautiful wall paint styles to try for your home

Patricia Danielle Villar Patricia Danielle Villar
Living Room Salas de estilo moderno de Pixers Moderno
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There's no better way to pump up your home than having wonderful murals as one of its main attraction. A simple mural can set the tone of what kind of design your hoping to achieve. If you're looking for cheap and easy ways to put some style into your home, then this article is just the one you're looking for. Get a look at these six beautiful murals and be inspired to have one in your very own home!


Ombre Salas de estilo escandinavo de Pixers Escandinavo



When there are already a lot of things going on in your room- with the different prints and colors- a mural can balance it all out, not making you overwhelmed with the details springing out from the room. You can paint a mural that will remind you of the sky. It can calm you down. It can even out the different patterns that are emanating from the room.

Beyond walls

Mural New York City Comedores de estilo ecléctico de Bloompapers Ecléctico

Mural New York City


A mural can take you places that is beyond the four corners of your room. Take this wonderful and very detailed mural of the city, for example. You enter the room and expect to be confined by its walls. But as you stare deeper into the mural you feel as if you are elsewhere- traveling in the busy city, walking and wandering on the busy streets.

Put some edge to your home

Keep Calm Oficinas de estilo escandinavo de Pixers Escandinavo

Keep Calm


Murals can also make your room appear a lot edgier. You can blend the mural with the theme that you aspire your room to have. It can accentuate every detail of the room. The mural is beautiful in itself; but it is more beautiful when it blends with the other elements of the room.

Themed murals

Green&Yellow Cuartos de estilo tropical de Pixers Tropical



A mural can also make a room appear a lot more electrifying than it already is. With the right mixture of colors and prints, you can make a room appear a lot lively, but not too much to make it overwhelming.


More Nature Salas de estilo moderno de Pixers Moderno

More Nature


You can also make your mural blend well into the background, melting with the rest of the room. A mural doesn't always necessarily have to stand out. Sometimes it just has to mix well with the rest of the room, making the room less empty, more dynamic.


Folk Cuartos de estilo rural de Pixers Rural

A mural can also add a lot more life into your room. A room as plain as this- with its white walls, white curtains, white sheets, and plain furniture-  can be turned lively by just the splash of colors given off by a beautifully painted mural.

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas modernas de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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