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Making American architecture great again!

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We're always on the lookout for beautiful homes that really demonstrate the skill and talent of American architects and today, we think that we've found five totally unique, eye-catching and unforgettable houses that will definitely make you take a second look! While New York loft apartments are stunning and Brownstones are highly sought after, there are some really beautiful buildings being created right now that will have you keen to think outside the box in terms of what constitutes American design. Come with us now as we show you the amazing homes that we've found and have a think about which is your favorite and why. We're focusing on the architecture here, but we are going to give you a sneak peek into each home as well, so you can appreciate the internal dialogue, as well as the fabulous facades. Ready? Then let's go!

1. Goin' barn raisin'!

In terms of a modern take on a classic motif, this home is really nailing the look of a country barn that has been given a contemporary shake up! The huge height, statuesque proportions and stunning wood and white finish here is making us unwilling to take our eyes away from the screen! 

The back is as good as the front!

It is increasingly rare to find homes that look equally as stylish and striking from the back as they do the front, but this is certainly one of them! The great swathes of wood panelling add such class and distinction to this home that we don't think even the President would have a problem with living here!

Now there's a surprise!

When it came to selecting an interior shot to show you, how could we not choose this one? Seriously… a basketball court? SO COOL! While the house itself might look elegant and striking, it's these fun interior twists that really impress us and who wouldn't want to encourage a budding Kobe Bryant in the family?

2. An all-American dream!

Big, proud and authoritative, this is everything that American design really stands for, but as ever, there is a surprise lurking! Set in a picturesque setting, this could be a dream home in any suburbs, but we haven't shown you the back yet!

Modernist shocker!

Woah! Flip around to the rear of this home and you can really start to get a handle on how talented the design team were here! From the front, the house fits in perfectly with the neighborhood and ruffles no feathers, but at the back, there is a whole lot of modernist personality going on! It's such a bold design and the muted black and gray tones really heighten the effect. We HAVE to see inside!

Contemporary chic.

Would you have ever guessed that this is how the interior would look, as you gazed upon the front facade? US NEITHER! Minimal, dramatic and impeccably furnished, this house really IS making American design great again and we can only see the hallway and living room! Wow!

3. Bold as brass.

Let's be honest here, you'd never say that America is a country to back away from making bold choices, would you? Well this house is a great demonstration of that, with its black boxy structure and deceptively simple take on modern architecture! This was the only exterior shot that we could find of this amazing home, but fear not, as we have a couple of interior snaps that will impress you no end!

A modern masterpiece!

This home feels like a conceptual art gallery and we are happy admitting that we think we totally get it! Open space, bold color and distinctive lines make for a wonderfully eclectic and diverse home, just like America itself! Really though, can we all take a moment to appreciate those orange kitchen cupboards?

Level up!

The joy of this house is that it's narrow but tall, meaning that every floor is an adventure in interior design and fabulous36 photos of two-story houses that will inspire you! views, not to mention color! Any home that keeps us guessing is A-ok with us and this one certainly meets that criteria!

4. More than meets the eye.

Well this is a charming little colonial bungalow isn't it? Set in a pretty suburb location, it looks every inch a typical 'burbs family home that people leave the city for, once they want to have kids and very pleasant it is too! Oh hang on… there's something else to see, isn't there? 

Where did that come from?

Are you shaking your head in disbelief right now, because we are! Where did this outrageously cool rear facade come from? With two wings added to the back of the house, there is a definite sense of fun and creative design going on here and that terrace! What a spot for a Thanksgiving cook out!

What an interior!

We were already fully sold on this home, just from the outside shots, but when you see how well the polished wood and open-plan layout works here, we think you'll be sold on it too! How on earth can the front facade be so deceptive??

5. A townhouse like no other.

Apart from the gray facade and bright red front door here, you might be forgiven for thinking that this is a fairly standard townhouse, but as with all of these amazing homes, there is a surprise waiting for you at the rear! Adding a little contemporary flair to an otherwise traditional exterior, we really do like that door!

An unexpected extension!

While the stoic front facade gave little away, this rear view really shows you how spectacular this home is! Extended dramatically with a large cubed addition, we think you are getting a really good idea of how the interior has been finished already. Serious wow-factor!

A breath of fresh air.

The facade of this house might have brought traditional armchairs and chintzy furniture to mind, but the reality couldn't be further from that! Open-plan. modern and outrageously stylish, this home is the perfect representation of America as a whole, as it has good amount of heritage and tradition, but with the ability to keep surprising you!

For more terrific architecture, take a look at this article: 36 photos of two-story houses that will inspire you!

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