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Essentials to create a romantic bedroom

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Ever wondered about the secret recipe of a romantic bedroom? Just by stepping into which you will start breathing in a perfumed environment, listening to the music in the air and have tender feelings embrace you from all directions? A place where, after a hard day’s work, you come to feel reassured and rejuvenated? Setting up a gentle atmosphere for your altar of love, your bedroom, is no mean feat. 

However, remember that adage that to feel love you must first cultivate love in your heart. As poet Rumi believed, “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” With that in mind we will now set down the bare essentials of creating a romantic bedroom.

A Romantic Bed

Invest in a bed that is comfortable and does not have any sharp edges. Do not have it placed under any heavy beam, for it is believed that this may lead to frequent headaches and other medical complications. Positioning it away from the bedroom door will ensure privacy. Wooden bed is considered most comfortable. From traditional oriental to modern, it is available in a variety of elaborate designs. 

Depending on the tastes and available spaces, a classic oak, mahogany and cherry wood bed can be let to grace the centre stage. Any of these still has the capabilities of adding a majestic touch in  bedroom. Considering the prices at which antique beds are sold, this could well be an asset for your family too. Most of the wooden furniture nowadays though is made of engineered wood. Other options include light weight wrought iron, brass and aluminium.

Sensuous Colour Scheme

A romantic bedroom boasts of a soft and sensuous colour palette. It is not overly dramatic and always exudes a feeling of springtime. The shades of the wall, floor, rugs and furniture all collaborate with each other to generate this feel. It should be irresistibly charming but restful. A romantic bedroom must not have a predominance of black or grey tones. If you are a great believer in the ancient wisdom of feng shui, then it should not be all white either. 

Red and bright orange are colours of intense passion, so it is advisable to use them as accent colours only. Also, pink and rubicund hues seem to be such obvious if not slightly clichéd choices for the bedroom. Why not use an alteration of these instead? Consider varying the textures of the surfaces to create an opulent feel. Make sure your bedroom is free of all kinds of clutter. Great choices of colours will not help in making a congested space look any breezier than it actually is.

Beddings & Soft Furnishings

Charlotte Thomas Antonia Jacquard Collection in Light Purple We Love Linen DormitoriosTextiles
We Love Linen

Charlotte Thomas Antonia Jacquard Collection in Light Purple

We Love Linen

A bare wood cot, however gorgeous in looks, would not be sufficient to introduce a romantic feel in the room. Follow the colour scheme of the room and gift yourself a few sets of matching linen, pillows, cushions and blankets. Don’t forget having quality mattresses on top of your bed. You would not like having aches and pains all over the body once you get up in the morning. Similarly, have curtains in complementary tones. 

In warmer places having too heavy a curtain in dark shades may not be a good idea. It may block the airy feel of the room. You can hang thin chiffon or other net like fabric from bed posters if your bed has them and tie that with lush satin ribbons to incorporate a dreamy feel. Avoid using synthetic fabric in any of the furnishings.

Wall Décor

Deciding on appropriate wall décor goes beyond settling for the favourite shades of paints to be coated on the walls. Prominent wall paintings, photographs, wall paper including 3D ones, decorative tiles and other types of wall art like decals can together or individually be employed to set the right kind of mood in the bedroom. Avoid images of any gloom and doom like war, destruction, loneliness or anything with a negative connotation. 

Wall papers or tiles should not be glitzy or have too loud a tone. If you have installed a bedroom mirror make sure it does not face the bed. Our image conscious nature should not be heightened any further than they already are to disturb our sleep patterns.

Decorative Elements

A romantic bedroom requires very few decorative items. In fact, having mementoes and statues in too great a number may unnecessary clog the space. A vase full of flowers and scented candles are most favoured choices for any bedroom. Roses are timeless. Pink carnations, red chrysanthemums, hyacinths and heliotropes symbolise eternal love. Don’t ignore promptly replacing withered flowers with fresh ones. You may also consider having small potted plants like gardenia and gerbera, though you will have to learn a few basic nuances of gardening for tending them properly. Thorny cacti or bonsai are strict no no. The latter is suggestive of a stilted growth which is harmful in any kind of relationships.

Instead of scented candles you may prefer having fragrant oil diffusers, traditional diyas or floating candles in an urli. This will keep the bedroom air perfumed and help in setting in the romantic mood. A photograph of you two, small sculptures etc are some other embellishments that your bedroom may deserve.

Lighting up a Cheerful Room

Light up your room in such a way that ensures all corners of it receives ample amount of light. Nowadays, a combination of ambient lighting, bedside lamps and chandeliers are installed to light up a reasonably sized bedroom. Like all the other elements of your bedroom, light should be soft and soothing instead of being glaring. Unless you are having unusually high ceilings, do not place chandeliers that are too heavy or fussy in looks on your bed.

Do not ignore the natural light. Do not block the large windows in such a way that you deprive yourself from sufficient sunshine in day time. And, there is hardly anything more romantic than having a room bathed with soft moonlight on full moon days. Switch off all the artificial lights then, put on some sweet music and enjoy a glorious time with your partner.

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