12 pictures of cabinets in your home to save space

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12 pictures of cabinets in your home to save space

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A cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture in any home. It is impossible to keep your home organized and clutter-free without it. Gone are the days when people had large houses with ample space to build huge cabinets. Now flats, row houses or even independent homes and bungalows have shrunk in size not only in cities but in small towns too. We need a smart solution to build spacious cabinets within the limited space and utilizing every area of your home.

You will agree with us that no matter how many cabinets you build, you will still need more. We at Homify have come up with 12 smart ideas of cabinets just for you. Let’s see and get inspired!

​1. A complete kitchen

These beautiful kitchen cabinets in mauve are so well planned that it can keep your entire kitchen organized. There are open and covered shelves here. It is up to you what to show and what to keep covered.

​2. Black and white is modern

The classic combination of black and white is making these cabinets beautiful. But what we like here is that the lower cabinets are covered and are in continuation but the upper cabinets have gaps in it to make room for window and chimney and it is good blend of open shelves, and wooden and glass covered cabinets.

​3. Beneath the stairs

Under the stairs… usually this area of the house is a waste or underutilized. But not here! A cabinet build here will utilize the space well and will look great too.

​4. Something colorful for kids

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Keeping a kid’s room organized is a real challenge. To encourage them to keep their room clean and their belongings in the cabinets so that room will be clutter-free, you will have to make the cabinets look attractive. Take a clue from this picture or design something of your own.

5. Corner cabinet

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The corner space has been converted into a very useful cabinet with drawers at the bottom, a few glass shelves in the niche and a long door hiding more shelves behind it. This is once again a thoughtful use of the vacant space under the stairs.

​6. Cabinets all over the windows

It is a great idea and if executed well will look beautiful. Apart from the looks, you will have ample space to keep you room clean and organized.

​7. In the hallway, behind the doors

Build multipurpose cabinets to utilize this space behind the main doors or similar space in the hallway. Trust us, it will save and create a lot of space for storage.

​8. Cabinets as a piece of art

The first look and you will think it is just a beautiful piece of art. But actually it is a cabinet with many drawers. Have a look! Don’t you want to bring this home?

A closer look

​9. Under the sink

The whole space under the sink has been covered to make it into a cabinet. The wall closet on the corner is a good use of the space and looks beautiful.

​10. Curve is beautiful

In bathrooms, every space matters. This is a meticulously planned bathroom with beautiful curves and lots of curved cabinets and sufficient storing space all over.

​11. Separate it with a cabinet

Separate two areas of your house using a cabinet and then use to display your collection of books, CDs, artifacts or whatever you want. Be creative and design it as per your need or take a clue from these pictures. It will look great!

Another one for you

12. A wall of cabinets

Cover a wall and convert it into a cabinet. It will create enough space and solve lots of storage woe.

Click here for more smart solutions to keep your home organized.

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