6 feng shui entrances for positive energy

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6 feng shui entrances for positive energy

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches us how to live in harmony with our environment, and in these times of urban living it's an art we could all afford to take some lessons from. Regardless of your beliefs feng shui has a lot of benefits from a design perspective, and while they may be inspired by metaphysical concepts, these principles will also make your home a more practical and liveable space.

While the entrance of a home is often neglected, with little effort put into decorating and designing this area, as the first point of contact for visitors it's crucial that it leaves an impression. According to feng shui the front door is also the main point of entry for chi into the home, and so the goal is to attract positive energy, and then have it dispersed throughout the home. Today we're going to take a look at some stunning entrances that have used the principles of feng shui in their design to show you how to do it in your own home!

1. Keep it clean

The first rule of feng shui is to keep a clean home. Dust and dirt represent stagnation and negative energy, so you want to clear them out of your house as frequently as possible by giving your entrance a dust and vacuum. Clutter is another big sin that we're all occasionally guilt of, so make sure you don't leave your bag or shoes lying around!

2. Plants

Plants naturally purify the air, and so placing one at the entrance of your home will keep the area fresh, not to mention beautiful. It's also a fundamental of feng shui, as by bringing the natural environment into your home you strike a balance between interior and exterior spaces, and plants also serve to absorb negative energy. This home uses the unique approach of a large window looking into an enclosed area with a single tree, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

3. Careful with mirrors!

Mirrors bounce energy around the house, reflecting both light and luck, and so putting one right at the entrance of your home will send all of that good energy right back outside. Make sure that if you have a mirror at your entrance so that you can quickly check your appearance before you head out for the day it is not in front of the door.

4. Keep your shoes organised!

Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo ecléctico de INSPACE Ecléctico

One of the most common sights when entering a home is a big pile of dirty shoes. This means the first thing you encounter is foul odours, and an unattractive sight, and as dirt is antithetical to feng shui it's a problem that needs to be remedied immediately! Ensure you have some way of organising your shoes in the entrance, and keeping them out of sight. This home uses a closet right by the front door, so you can put your shoes away as soon as you get in.

5. Necessary items

Aside from a shoe rack you'll also need a coat rack so that your not throwing it over the couch and cluttering your living room, as well as a welcome mat to clean off your shoes before you step inside. As far as decorations go, the key is to use personal pieces that reflect who you are as a person, as anything meaningless will only crowd the space and absorb precious energy. Bright colours, fresh flowers, and natural materials will all contribute to a positive home and bring you good luck.

6. Keep it bright and welcoming

Negative energy hides in dark spaces, so you want to ensure your entrance is as bright and welcoming as possible with plenty of good lighting that illuminates every corner. You also want your entrance smelling fresh, so tropical flowers, scented candles, or incense are all great additions that will bring you happiness and good fortune!

With a few small changes you'll make sure that your entrance invites positive energy into the home and keeps it there! For more inside information check out these interior architecture secrets!

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