The lakeside cottage with a split personality

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If you’ve outgrown your home then it’s time to call a realtor and get moving! Unless you love your home too much to leave. Today, we’re looking at a project by the architects at Icosis Architects. They helped their clients to stay in the home they love by giving it a massive addition. They preserved part of the original home while giving it a radical new look. The home has a split personality. 

Half of the home is the original cottage with a classic gable roof and plain country charming facade. The other half of the home is all glass and steel, cutting a modern silhouette. Life in a home with split personalities has the best of both worlds. The warm and grounding original architecture of the home has character and history. The new addition boasts a modern kitchen and dining area that makes the most of the lakeside view. Ready to take a look at a home with two distinct personalities? Let’s start our tour now and look first at the new extension!

Wood, Steel, and glass

The modern addition is closely connected to the landscape with an expansive outdoor terrace and floor to ceiling windows. Black steel boldly frames the extension. The glass and steel bring in elements of industrial style. Natural wood exterior helps warm up the home while referencing its woodland surroundings.

Split personality

Boasting the best of both worlds, the home is part modern and part traditional. The black and white facades of the two parts of the home emphasise the contrast. The two roof styles, a modern flat roof and a traditional hipped roof, show the different style personalities. The two halves couldn’t be more different, yet they come together in a surprising and exciting way.

Incredible kitchen

Inside the kitchen, you are surrounded by intriguing windows and natural light. The white kitchen seems to also blend together modern and traditional style. The glossy red backsplash behind the stove contrasts with the simple and familiar cabinetry. The asymmetrical design makes this room feel dynamic. Pale, thin wood floor planks elongate the room and extend it to the terrace outside.

Bright dining room

Windows surround this dining room, making it feel more like a solarium than a formal dining space. Simple furnishing puts emphasis on the structure’s materials like the curious slate tile stripe that cuts across the room. Even though it is opened up by the windows to the outside, this bright dining room feels cozy and intimate.

Artistry in every corner

The architecture of the home is detailed and elegant. Check out this staircase in a bright gallery space. The light wood is configured to make the stairs feel lighter than air. The double height gallery space feels luxurious and the walls are decorated with artwork in a way that lets the personality of the owners shine. Which personality would that be?

Last look

Our tour ends with one last look at the modern extension of the home. Notice how the top floor of the home feels completely separated from the original structure of the home. This will help to make the home feel larger and create separation or privacy for the occupants. Glass panelling on the railings of the balcony and terrace erase boundaries between the home and its gorgeous natural surrounding. We hope you enjoyed our tour of this split personality home!

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