What are the essential elements of American style houses

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What are the essential elements of American style houses

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EN-SUITE BATHROOM Baños de estilo asiático de 2A Design Asiático
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In the present world, real estate and construction business is witnessing massive growth specially with the efforts put forward by qualified civil engineers, experienced and well educated architectural professionals, designers and not to the forget the input through technological variations. The efforts of these individuals help in creating the dream home that everybody aspires to have. Though the engineers and designers can come up with number of ideas to create the most beautiful home but they are few essential elements which are extremely common in the modern American style houses. These basic elements have been a part of building architecture in these regions for years due to its gorgeous and captivating beauty and other benefits and till today it serves as the basic model or necessities of American styled bungalows. Read on to know more about the basic structural requirements of  an American house to get a fundamental idea on what is best as well as to communicate with the architects and designers better.

Wood Construction

Wooden houses is the most popular and preferred style of building in the modern era. People no longer prefer houses made of brick or entirely of masonry.  Though in some areas there are people who use the latter method for their personal liking but for many it is not worth the expense. Wood is cheaper and they make faster builds in compared to any other materials. The wooden houses can be built with cheaper labour resources and the other materials used are also less costly and can be quickly arranged. Apart from this, the wooden construction are never unstable or fragile construction as they are engineered in such a way that they can resist a lot of loads, and not collapse even in case of tornados. They are far better from the masonry homes which if collapses in case of natural calamities becomes more dangerous and life threatening than wooden houses. They come in various styles and patters, colours and designs that are truly eye arresting and it works as a protector in the shrill climatic condition of US making the house quite warm and comfortable.


Roof constructions of the American houses are quite inspired from the Oriental architectural style. Low pitched gable roof with low designed roof lines and exposed rafter are quite common in these styles of house building. The houses usually have designer and decorative supports which match the architectural theme of the building and look quite decent to the viewers. The roof are usually low lined and arched towards the front to facilitate warmer climates and also discourage accumulation of snow and ice in the winter seasons. However proper maintenance of the roof is important since it can accumulates debris, mud and leaves which should be removed to fetch a stunning look for the house.


Porch is an excellent architectural inclusion that remains quite preferred by the Americans. One can rarely come across a house which does not have a porch inbuilt in it. One can either built the same separately with add on roof or can implement the same under the main roof with variation in width according to space available. For the smaller homes this is an excellent choice to extend the living space providing an aura of openness to the whole design of the house.

Windows and Doors

Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Windows de Marvin Windows and Doors UK Clásico
Marvin Windows and Doors UK

Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Windows

Marvin Windows and Doors UK

A specific style of windows and doors are quite common in the American style houses. One can find a common style of double hung windows in a wide trim and preferred long cased door panels with boxed glass frames at the top and thick wooden structure beneath. Both the windows and doors come in different designs in these basic structures to suit practical functionality of see through, and being a resource of natural light pass inside the room.

Open living room with fire place

Fire Line Automatic de Planika Fires Moderno
Planika Fires

Fire Line Automatic

Planika Fires

Living room in the American houses usually has a physical connection with the porch. This is more so as the construction is done with the concept of creating more open space for the onlookers and giving a feel of larger arena. The fire place in the living room usually serves as the focal point of the room and is typically placed at the centre on an outside wall and designed with larger windows and book shelves

Walk in Closet

Walk in Wardrobe de homify Moderno

Walk in Wardrobe


A walk in closet is an extremely good organizer and a smart storage idea that helps in storing clothing and accessories in the best way possible. The sleek walk in closet with loads of drawers and shelves and pull our bar island provides an extremely sophisticated boutique feel that makes all feel more lavish. It has both a luxurious feel as well as a practical utility which just cannot be ignored.

Kitchen with Island

Cocinas de homify

The kitchen area was previously used, to be that corner of the room which was meant for cooking
and storing food supplies, but now the scenario has changed and the kitchen in a modern house serves as the heart of the house. It has undergone a huge change from being a isolated work area to a fully furnished well equipped public space for the members of the family. Today kitchen area has been hugely supported by use of multiple technologies, high end appliances, exclusive wood works, classy cabinetry, sparkling sink and spacious shelves. Modern kitchen also uses Kitchen Island as a mandatory part of their decor simply because they are accessible for innumerable kitchen tasks.

En suite bathroom

BATHROOM Baños de estilo asiático de 2A Design Asiático
2A Design


2A Design

One of the most utility prone and best constructions is an en suite bathroom which allows the privacy of self usage and remains attached to the bedroom. One can install some designed cabinets for storing the essential daily use bathroom supplies and towels and can also decorate the same with private windows to make it well lit and ventilated.

To conclude American style houses are contemporary builds, these are interdependent spaces woven together with excellent craftsmanship and keeping in mind the practicality and functionality of each area. The benefit of each structural detail along with its laden beauty is what makes these houses so special.

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