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Modern and unique interior ideas you can copy

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We are constantly flipping pages in magazines or websites, searching for inspirational ideas to copy in our home décor. homify presents itself, through thousands of products, professional articles and ideas, as a source of inspiration for creating your dream home. But sometimes it can be a challenge seeking and finding that inspiration to copy through the myriad of choices.

When we talk about copying though, you should keep in mind we are merely referring to the tinder that will fire up your own decorative ideas, as shapes, colours and material, depending solely on your taste. Hence, we amalgamated a list of suggestions that will enrich the interior design of your home. Following the trends and abandoning extravagant choices to focus on unrivalled decorative ideas. Through these ideas it is certain that your home will be en vogue, current and visually appealing.

Are you ready to discover them? Then let's get inspired…


While the French and Italians have a different take on the word mezzanine, its concept and purpose remains the same. What is a mezzanine, you may ask? It is a deck placed between the ground and first floor. The low ceiling storey is increasingly used in homes as it helps reclaim space in places that would be otherwise lost. The mezzanine is a multifunctional construction that can meet with the needs of the house, whether that is creating a TV room or a painting area, as it provides additional floor space. 

As the image above shows, the mezzanine can be made out of wood, but there are also structures created out of iron or concrete. Irrelevant of their building material, a mezzanine will always have access though a staircase that connects it with the ground floor. It injects modern and sophisticated character and is a relatively cheap architectural alternative to divide the house into more rooms. A perfect solution for expanding families and small houses!

Large storage

Whether you have a small or palatial home, one need remains the same: storage! And the bigger the space is the better, right? Clutter can accumulate quickly and in no time, spaces available for storage become increasingly scarce. So, from the get go you should invest in a generous storage unit.  

This example from Spaceroom is a perfect idea to copy in your home. By taking advantage of the entire wall, it was possible to create shelves and cupboards and even include a TV stand in the middle! Taking advantage of the walls to create effective and well-sized storage solutions is certainly a great suggestion. It is both functional and attractive.

False ceiling

You can create a false ceiling with wood or drywall (gypsum plasterboard or laminate) but it's best if you enlist the help of a professional in the field to install it, as it requires specialist knowledge and skills.

Installing a false ceiling guarantees a beautiful aesthetic  but it is also a convenient tool to hide electrical wiring, plumbing or air ducts. lso, a great decision in modern houses is to fix indirect lighting into the false ceilings as they can play an important role in your décor. An  affordable and effective way to breathe new life into your home!


Magnetika system - "Y" magnetic shelves Ronda Design HogarAlmacenamiento
Ronda Design

Magnetika system – Y magnetic shelves

Ronda Design

Shelves are one of those items that every house should have, being as they are decorative, functional and affordable. depending on their style, they can be a bold visual statement and add your personal touch to a room. They are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture and are equally effective when used individually or in multiples.

Shelves are multi-purpose and ideal for storing books, displaying decorative items, such as photographs, and plants, amongst many other things. They're easily sourced in a variety of shapes, colours and materials, which makes it easy to find a style that will blend harmoniously with the rest of your home décor.  

They can be used all around the house, whether that's in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. But before you fix any shelves to your walls, make sure you take the correct measurements so they're properly aligned!

Wall art

Art should always be welcome in the home as it creates a unique look, which denotes the owner’s personality, and can be a good conversation starter for guests. Decorative art pieces don't need to break the bank so you shouldn't let perceived high prices deter you. Art, in all forms, is available at prices that are accessible to many. You may like to invest in one quality piece but you can create equally great results with some creatively framed and placed prints, which can be picked up from art fairs and craft shows.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out these: Great Ways To Properly Display Art In Your Home.

Hanging objects

There's an empty, dull wall is most homes. While we want to change its boring state of being, it might not be obvious what to hang there. There are many objects you can consider placing upon the barren space, such as a mirror, which are perfect to help improve the feeling of light and space in a room.

Plates can also be a beautiful decorative wall feature, whether in the kitchen or living room. You may wish to display ceramic souvenirs that you bought on your last foreign adventure or, of course, you can always get expressive and decorate a wall with a mixture of customised frames and photographs. Consider creating an entire photo wall with the story of your family to add a personal touch to your home's interior design!

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