How to defrost your freezer the RIGHT way

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How to defrost your freezer the RIGHT way

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At the top of the household chores list that you don't ever really want to tackle, is the dreaded freezer defrost! It's time consuming, messy and can be a little smelly too, which is probably why so many of us put it off for as long as possible – but if you want an efficient and smooth-running kitchen, you need to just get on with it! 

Professional cleaners know that the sooner you tackle a freezer defrost, the easier it is, not to mention the fact that it will be less messy too, so come and take a look at tips from the pros and make space in your weekend schedule to tackle your own ice disaster!

1. Empty it out!

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You don't need to go full chat into this phase, as you'll probably run the risk of spoiling a lot of food. Instead, try earmarking a time slot, in a few weekends time, and start eating all the food in your freezer! When it comes time to empty it, you'll have a lot less to re-home!

2. Remove shelves and drawers.

With all your food removed from the freezer, it's time to take out shelves, drawers and baskets. Give them a deep clean and set them aside, while you get on with the nitty gritty!

3. Unplug it and open the door.

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Now you have a totally empty freezer, it's time to pull the plug, literally. Wedge the door open and unplug your appliance, to let the natural defrost process begin in earnest, but don't worry about mess, as we're coming to that next!

4. Protect the floor.

It's a good idea to lay down newspapers and towels in front of your open freezer door. Absorbent materials are the key, as anything non-absorbent will just create a heavy puddle that, no doubt, you'll spill when you try to pour it down the drain! 

5. Speed things up with a little heat.

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If you are in a bit of a time crunch, you can definitely speed the defrost process up a little, with some carefully managed heat! It's not a good idea to use a hairdryer, as it is a little dangerous and uneconomical, but if you boil a kettle of water, submerge a towel in the hot liquid and drape it inside your freezer, that will significantly help things along!

6. Don't grab a knife!

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Whatever you do, don't be tempted to attack your big chunks of ice with a knife or similar tool! You run a very real risk of causing serious damage to your appliance and it doesn't really help the process either!

7. Give it a really good clean.

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With all your ice removed and disposed of, you need to take the opportunity to give your freezer a bloody good clean! It would just be silly not to, as any stale smells will soon come back into force! Use a chemical-free cleaning product though, as you don't want to trap in toxic chemicals.

8. Restock with more precision.

When it comes to restocking your freezer, be sure to give your shelves, drawers and baskets enough space and, use a little common sense when it comes to your food stacking too! Try to day rotate and always leave your freezer elements enough space to operate properly. Another key piece of advice is to not overfill your freezer, as this will affect the air's ability to circulate!

For more handy appliance tips, take a look at this Ideabook: The do's and don'ts of microwaves.

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