Before and after: 5 facades, 5 amazing transformations!

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Before and after: 5 facades, 5 amazing transformations!

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
The Gables Casas modernas de Patalab Architecture Moderno
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Time is our friend in many aspects of life, but it can be a cruel enemy especially if we talk about our house! The passage of time coupled with climate changes, fashions, or simply lack of maintenance can make a housing decay in appearance, the materials of the house lose their strength, properties, and aesthetics, and the colour disappears. In these cases, the solution is to call an architect and leave everything in their hands. When it comes to the appearance and strength of our home, they will know what to do!

Usually, the facade is the site that is given priority when it comes to renovating or remodelling a home. It is the face of our home, not only to others, but also to ourselves. It can inspire or put off your mood in an instant. In this Ideabook, homify presents a small selection of the facades of houses that were renovated by the ingenuity of the designer and the expectations of the inhabitants and consequently given new life, a new breath, and a second chance to reflect the true personalities of their owners. You will be amazed at the great changes that a series of strokes on an existing canvas can achieve!

1. Before: a green facade?

A one level house that stands alone for its colour and which, incidentally, is already faded, dirty, and dull, badly needs a change and it is urgent!

Located in Veracruz, this home shows some aesthetic intention to respect the space of garden in front and designates a bright colour but neutral place. The deterioration in the humid climate of the region and rusted parts without design indicate that this facade is in desperate need of a hand… an experienced hand and a new life!

After: high and clear facade

Neutral Architectos of Orizaba, Veracruz achieved a dramatic change in the above green house. For starters, they raised the level and made it a two-storey house. They transformed the visibly wasted garden into a small garage, perfect for a compact car, and a high planter and a staircase leading to the main entrance where a dark wooden door adjacent to a window were added.

The facade consists of a series of planes and angles that go and hide at different depths below two volumes that shelter and protect each space. On the second floor, two balconies arise, which integrate the surrounding environment and connect the inside with the outside, allowing for controlled ventilation and pleasure. Quite a change!

2. Before: abandoned garage

In London everyone wants to live! That is why the issue of housing density was affected by increasing in volume, resulting in less and less space to devote to residential use. The spaces previously used as workshops, garages, or industrial warehouses are being renovated and reused as residential buildings, and this is a clear example of one of those renovations.

In the midst of an industrial area, a garage that was used as a mechanical workshop is now abandoned, dirty, unkempt, and not at all functional. A change in its image and the distribution of its interior could do very well, right? Those responsible for this change were Patalab Architecture.

After: a spectacular apartment

The change is simply amazing! Who would think that after the faded and abandoned garage in the previous photo would be able to be transformed into this? A light-filled modern apartment filled with fantastic interior design and colour. The facade is covered with brown and tan bricks, amid where a large dazzling window lies. The gabled roof, asymmetric, surprising as it breaks with the classic style of the buildings of the context for his bold silhouette. The yard is a spacious, clean, and bright place, where the brightness of the interior reflect the warmth of the new home. 

3. Before: a sober facade

Patio y Terraza Estado Original Balcones y terrazas de estilo moderno de Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto Moderno
Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto

Patio y Terraza Estado Original

Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto

This is the back wall of a residence located in Hermosillo, Sonora. While the structure is not perceived deteriorated or abandoned, the design itself suffered from the weather to become old-fashioned, dark and heavy due to the classical columns supporting a very low ceiling. This limits ventilation and visual of the terrace it boasts.  

To make way for modernity would have to take a big step…

After: a facade of another world!

The facade, garden and the entire backyard changed completely! The previously confined and dark terrace opened at a height that exposed a visual and provided ventilation. The columns were removed and subsequently, a natural flow between all environments allowed. The BBQ area was removed and rebuilt in contemporary style and adapted to the new layout. The area that was once occupied by grass was changed into a courtyard with swimming pool, in which floats a magnificent bar and game room surrounded by windows.

An outdated patio and became a multifunctional space with pool, patio, garden, terrace, BBQ, bar and games room with the blink of an eye. This space was transformed into a place where you have an amazing view from every angle. This great design was made by the architect Juan Luis Fernandez.

4. Before: a facade of fear

Casas de estilo industrial de NonWarp Industrial

In the beautiful city of Puebla we find ourselves looking at this damaged building. This home has an area of a few square meters that could well accommodate a family, as long as you were in good condition. At first glance, we can see the deterioration of building materials: walls in disrepair, damaged by salt, useless sheet roofs, floors broken and without doors. A horror story to say the least! Until Nonwarp, architects of Puebla, got down to business.

After: the style and glamor

Casas de estilo industrial de NonWarp Industrial

Thanks to the intervention of the office of architecture, this house was renovated not only in its facade, but also in the spaces, making it a very cozy, bright, and functional loft where the second level rooms have views to the outside due to a number of modern and gleaming windows. The higher volume is a large bright space now and the front yard is gradually restored to adapt to the new style on the second floor. Now, light and colour have brought new life to the structure, the materials have been renovated, and house has been reborn!

5. Before: a house without personality

This is the first image of the facade of a house subdivision. Much like the others, it has an opaque colour, is without life. The tiles and half-timbered pedestrian access are all nice touches, but in this combination it has failed to capture the viewer. This house is in desperate need of its own personality, and with that in mind, Cenit Architects Mazatlan began their project.

After: a colorful and radiant facade

Now we have house that looks different from the others, which reflects the tastes and personality of its inhabitants, shown clear and bright, inviting to be touched by the textures of stone and pedestrian access on the wall on the second floor. The horizontal and geometric design of the doors fits perfectly into geometric shapes of the wall of the pedestrian access and the garage. The lights by the door and next to the window on the second level reflect its light on the pink stone, creating subtle highlights and shadow play on the surface. Surely a change spectacular and full of personality!

What do you think of these changes? No doubt the ingenuity of designers combined with the needs and tastes of the owners produce incredible works of art, magnificent pieces of functional architecture and, of course, aesthetic and beautiful!

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas modernas de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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