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15 cheap but effective garden fence ideas

Katherine Rañeses Katherine Rañeses
de GH Product Solutions Clásico
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While we Filipinos tend to like fences with pointy, jagged things at the end of them to dissuade suspicious folks from trying anything disagreeable, in the age of CCTVs, biometric locks, and large canines, allowing yourself to enjoy the look of your backyard or garage without razor wire getting in the way is definitely encouraged. Taking a page from our European friends, here are 15 cheap but effective garden fence ideas that also look pretty good!

1. Keep it natural

Hide an ugly fence with young bamboo and give it a few weeks to grow out and cover the unsightly wall. 

2. Reclaim it!

Save a few bucks and make the most of reclaimed wood, instead. All you need is a coat of varnish and you're gold.

3. Make the most of bamboo

A brilliant way of dividing up a duplex without having to ruin the look of the property, freestanding bamboo is an affordable option to look into, since we have so much of it in the Philippines!

4. Pre-made panels

Narbonne Avenue Clapham Jardines de estilo minimalista de Bolans Architects Minimalista
Bolans Architects

Narbonne Avenue Clapham

Bolans Architects

If you don't want your neighbors peeking in at your business, go for height with cheap pre-made panels. Color coordinate them with the rest of the house with a coat of paint or pick a color that would have them blend in with the rest of the garden like a sage green.

5. Chunky strip fencing can be made yourself from pallets

Small, low maintenance garden Jardines de estilo minimalista de Yorkshire Gardens Minimalista Compuestos de madera y plástico
Yorkshire Gardens

Small, low maintenance garden

Yorkshire Gardens

Upcyle old pallet boards and use them as a slatted fence. JB Landscapes Ltd. wanted to create a stylish garden which was both family friendly and low maintenance, and did just that, with the natural wooden fence keeping to the clean, simple aesthetic.

6. Hedge your fence

Climbing Frame for Smaller Garden Jardines de estilo minimalista de Selwood Products Ltd Minimalista
Selwood Products Ltd

Climbing Frame for Smaller Garden

Selwood Products Ltd

If the thought of a high fence makes you feel a little claustrophobic, a good alternative would be a low fence with tall hedges instead! A pop of color amidst all that green can certainly make any backyard come alive.

7. Monotone need not be monotonous

Ed's Shed Jardines de estilo minimalista de Ed Reeve Minimalista
Ed Reeve

Ed's Shed

Ed Reeve

Pick a color and stick to it. These decking planks have been used to create a totally cohesive, linear fence. Plus, we're pretty sure you can get a sweet discount for all the planks you'll need to pull the look off! 

8. Create a secret garden

Country Family Garden With Oriental Water Garden Jardines de estilo rural de Cherry Mills Garden Design Rural
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Country Family Garden With Oriental Water Garden

Cherry Mills Garden Design

Open trellis fencing is a marvelous idea for separating the patio from the rest of the garden. We especially love how they look like doors to a secret garden, with ivy running amuck, weaving themselves across the lattices and beckoning you to peek through and find out what awaits on the other side.

9. Pale woven panels won't make your garden feel too enclosed

Quercus Raised Beds -Extra Space in a small garden Jardines de estilo rural de Quercus UK Ltd Rural
Quercus UK Ltd

Quercus Raised Beds -Extra Space in a small garden

Quercus UK Ltd

These woven panels from Quercus UK Ltd. is actually an idea we should be using more with our tropical weather. While being battered with both sun and rain, the wood would expand and then shrink, which would lead to most fences splitting in the long run, but since these thinner panels have been woven like a basket and treated, they should last a few generations before giving up to wear and tear. 

10. Keep it simple

Traditional Garden Jardines de estilo rural de Unique Landscapes Rural
Unique Landscapes

Traditional Garden

Unique Landscapes

Show off your impeccable garden with these simple wooden fence. Looking country chic is a wonderful option for more provincial homes with a colorful backyard.

11. White picket fences might be the stuff of cottage dreams, but it looks great everywhere!

Bossington House, Adisham Kent Jardines de estilo rural de Lee Evans Partnership Rural
Lee Evans Partnership

Bossington House, Adisham Kent

Lee Evans Partnership

White picket fences are trending in cities in the south, and its not surprising to see communities in Laguna and Tagaytay incorporating white picket fences to add to their curb appeal.

12. Fake it

Plants can be fidgety things, and it can be an uphill battle just keeping them alive. This wooden fence has been covered with artificial greenery which is good value for money as well as less of an upkeep while keeping the backyard looking fresh and modern.

13. Go high

Extra tall fencing will naturally cost a little more, but if you opt for cheaper wood that needs treating at home, you can save big time while also adding an interesting element to your garden. Add a vertical herb garden or mural to the extra wall to make things more interesting.

14. Carve out a space

Marine ply can be bought from any home depot store and can be cut to fit even the most unusual spaces. It's not horrendously priced either, so take measurements.

15. Stainless steel

Sheets of stainless steel are reasonable to buy and a simple laser-cutting job should't cost too much, if you fancy some modern fencing. 

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