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One Room Apartment Inspired by Pop Art

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Архитектурно-дизайнерское бюро Натальи Медведевой 'APRIORI design'
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That one room apartments could be at once cosy and chic is apparent for some time now. So if you are thinking of turning your urban abode into a style statement then your chance is here. This one room apartment – alternatively called studio apartment which is not equivalent to a senior flexi flat of Singapore – is located in Savvinskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow. Its youthfully vibrant interior is designed by APRIORI, a design firm led by Natalia Medvedeva. APRIORI’s ground breaking designs have already transformed the interiors of many residential buildings and commercial hubs in the region and abroad. 

This residential project involved complete demolishing of interior walls, redistribution of the available space and clever planning for a comfortable living in mere 67 sq metres. Using pop art as inspiration helped the designer to delude the interior in bold colours yet create a reassuringly satisfying living space. We will now step inside the apartment to examine its various aspects.

Interior of the Apartment

The colour palette is dominated by blue, black and white with occasional appearance of lime green tone. High quality granite, wood and glass were used in creating the structural nuances. Decorative panels made of one of a kind mosaic glass replace the conventional walls. Being only 1 mm thick, these panels help freeing some much needed space as well. The doors of this one room apartment are stretched up to the ceiling and are camouflaged within the panels.

Colourful Lounge

A very bright lime green sectional sofa hold a prominent position in the lounge area. Cosy cushions with kohl back leather covers create a remarkable contrast. A simple and lightweight coffee table exposes much of the stylish area rug spread under it. Dark blue curtains cover the windows behind.

Wall Decor and Cabinet

A sleek storage unit is placed in one of the corners. Simple bookcase holds all the books and a few other household objects. In an attempt to create a roomier feel, the wall behind is embellished with the brightly lit city skyline. The lighting fixtures overhead give the same cheerful impression within the confinement of the four walls.

An Illusion of Space

This one room apartment makes extensive use of mirrors and mirrored surfaces to create an illusion of space. Behind the façade of these mirrors lies storage units and wardrobe. Chic wall décor and cosy chairs attempt to create a homey feel. White ceiling above carefully keeps the imposing beams suitably unobtrusive.

An Ocean of Calmness

Despite a lack sufficient space, the bedroom proves to be a haven of calmness and relaxation. The simple and cosy bed upholstered in shades of blue and supplied with suitable furnishings feel just appropriate for a space like this. Blue curtains and decorative panels, enclosing the bed from two sides, maintain the privacy of the room. Snug cushions with shimmering covers exude an opulent charm.

Decorative Features

Almost all the utility driven features of this tiny apartment double up as precious ornamentats of a stylish living space. The shelves and TV cabinet in the bedroom prove to be no different in this regard. Small and simple decorative items occupy the ledges. Both task and valance lighting induce elements of cheerfulness in this part of the apartment. Like the lounge area, large windows are found hidden behind the blue curtains.

Hearty Dining

Modish faux pilotis separate the dining area from the living room. It is decorated with an elegant dining table with round top and accompanying chairs. Though seemingly nonexistent, the fashionable bar stools also have much functional and ornamental value for this small space.

Smart Kitchen

The kitchen wears an almost exclusively all black look. The shiny surface of the cabinets helps to give the space a roomier and unrestrained feel. The wall texture behind the worktop varies but adds glamour in variety. Like the other areas of the apartment, minimalist décor trend if followed scrupulously here.

Stylish Bathroom

The bathroom required considerable remodelling. With a curtailed living room, it was provided with a greater space sufficient to accommodate a bathtub. The bathroom follows the same colour scheme as the rest of the apartment. A large mirror, occupying one half of a wall, once again tries to expand the views. The sanitary fittings and wash basins possess contrasting shades of black and white. Three dimensional wallpapers in varying patterns create a stylish interior.

If you are considering to follow the same exuberant colour scheme for your home then don’t forget check this out.

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