15 amazing ideas for small bedrooms

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15 amazing ideas for small bedrooms

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Cuartos de estilo  por homify, Moderno
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Decorating and designing a beautiful bedroom means you need to pay special attention to colour, layout and lighting. However, small bedrooms often require a bit more thought when it comes to furniture, orientation and even colour scheme. In this homify feature, we look at 15 amazing solutions for small bedrooms. So, just because space is limited, doesn't mean you should forget about clever decorative solutions altogether. This helpful guide is filled with tips and tricks to get the most out of your petite space, let's take a look!

1. Different wall design

 de estilo  por Goodvinilos, Moderno

Vinilo decorativo Árbol con pájaros


Distract the eye from the size of the room with a stylish vinyl wall stick that will decorate small bedrooms in drama and fancy detail. Another option is one bright focal wall to add a fascinating feature in a modern bedroom.

2. Mirrored

Cuartos de estilo  por homify, Moderno

Maximise space and illumination with a large mirror and decorate small bedrooms in pretty detail and comfortable bed linen.

3. Clever storage

So you don't have a cupboard in the small bedroom, no problem… dramatic curtains do the same job and take up less space too.

4. Design with daylight

Natural light will enhance that cosy appeal, especially in a bedroom with a small space. Do away with those bulky curtains and let the light shine in, and if you want a darker room at night, then simple blinds will do the trick.

5. Home office

Cocinas de estilo  por OUA 오유에이, Moderno
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

Integrate your work office into a corner of your small bedroom, and folding desk will take up less space, allowing for movement in your tiny space.

6. Vibrant

Cuartos de estilo  por Bhavin Taylor Design, Moderno
Bhavin Taylor Design

Gloucester Road Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

You may think that bright colours are a terrible choice for small bedrooms, but if they are properly incorporated, vibrant textures and colours can enhance the space dramatically.

7. Under the bed

Cuartos de estilo  por sreda, Escandinavo

No room for a large wardrobe in the bedroom? No problem, just integrate a few drawers under the bed and your storage issue will be sorted for your bedroom with a small layout. 

8. Folding beds

Cuartos de estilo  por IF arquitectos, Ecléctico
IF arquitectos

Rehabilitación de Piso en el Eixample de Barcelona

IF arquitectos

Folding furniture, such as this bed is a great idea to create space in the room. Think of this bed that can be stowed away if you have a studio apartment or as solutions for small bedrooms.

9. The large closet

 de estilo  por My Italian Living, Moderno
My Italian Living

'Metropolis' 2 sliding door wardrobe by Mobilstella

My Italian Living

A large closet surprisingly maximises space in small bedrooms by organising storage for anything and everything else.

​10. Simple

Less can be more in a small bedroom, just include only the essentials, such as the bed, a lamp and a TV. Minimalist design, neutral colours and wooden floors makes this bedroom the ideal space to enjoy peace and quiet.

11. Industrial look

Cuartos de estilo  por GP-ARCH, Moderno

Exposed bricks are another option for a focal wall in a small bedroom, and with its industrial appeal, this space is cool and contemporary.

12. Let there be light

Hoteles de estilo  por Inuk Home Studio, Mediterráneo
Inuk Home Studio

Después de Reforma

Inuk Home Studio

Natural light, as mentioned previously will enhance and decorate small bedrooms. This design is ultimately shabby chic and romantic!

​13. Practical

You don't need to build shelves to store towels in your small bedroom, a repurposed ladder can be a stylish storage rack too.

15. Furniture

Our final look at solutions for small bedrooms has to be the built-in bed that enhances storage even in the most petite space. Here are 9 easy ways to make your bedroom look bigger.

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