33 ideas to renovate your house on a budget

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33 ideas to renovate your house on a budget

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Salas / recibidores de estilo  por BRICKS Studio,
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So your home is making you sick and tired, from the walls to the furniture and even the appliances. However, the budget is tight and you simply cannot afford to make any major renovations. Well, in this homify feature we look at 33 easy ideas to decorating a house with a little money. It may be as easy as a fresh coat of paint, better illumination or even reupholstering old furniture. Save your money for the purchases that really matter, and let our team help you with remodelling your house with a tiny budget.

1. Change the kitchen floor

Older homes often have those outdated linoleum floors in the kitchen. Rip them out and replace it with some stunning tiles in a rustic mosaic pattern for that bohemian design.

2. What about a bench

Instead of adding extra chairs to your kitchen, an old school bench will save space for how to decorate your house with a little money.

3. Vinyl stickers

Include a fascinating feature in your home with vinyl stickers, they are creative and economical.

4. Paint one wall

Save on purchasing a lot of paint and create a fantastic focal wall that is sure to help you with decorating your house with a little money.

5. Original shelves

Use unique shelving as a means of remodelling your house with a little budget.

6. Strings of lights

Colourful light shades are another awesome means of decorating a house with a little money, and you don't only need to put them up for Christmas.

7. Memory wall

There's nothing as soothing to the heart as thinking about the good times, create a memory wall and you'll always be at ease with personal items on display.

8. Opt for contrasts

Contrasting colours such as black and white are basic and elegant, but wooden furniture can make an amazing addition too.

9. Design a showcases

Salas / recibidores de estilo  por G7 Grupo Creativo,
G7 Grupo Creativo


G7 Grupo Creativo

Use your display case to categorise and organise mementos and vintage items that you've collected on your travels.

10. Provides variety

Comedores de estilo  por degoma,

Here's another tip on how to decorate a house with a little money, include a few colours and patterns throughout different dining room chairs for that eclectic look.

11. Some subtle details

Painted wooden swallows decorate the walls of this bedroom in a subtle and delicate manner.

12. A brick wall

Comedores de estilo  por Parrado Arquitectura,
Parrado Arquitectura

comedor después

Parrado Arquitectura

A brick wall may not be the most budget-friendly option, but it has a gorgeous industrial look.

13. Playful

Cuartos de estilo  por Bloomint design,
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Why not include a fun swing in the bedroom?

14. Splashback

Cocinas de estilo  por Diseñadora Lucia Casanova,
Diseñadora Lucia Casanova

Y que comemos hoy… .?

Diseñadora Lucia Casanova

Designing and decorating a house with a little money doesn't mean you shouldn't add a few characteristics of charm, much like this kitchen splashback.

15. Chalkboard paint

Do you love being dramatic and explaining things? Well, then chalkboard paint is ideal for your kitchen walls.

​16. Launch the DIY

Cuartos de los chicos de estilo  por Estación Ortiz ,
Estación Ortiz

Playroom Vintage

Estación Ortiz

So you adore all things DIY? Well, how about creating your own ornaments. This is brilliant at decorating your house with little money.

17. Hang them

Use the storage space for hanging those utensils instead of taking up all the drawers for your cooking items.

18. Decorate with plants

Remodelling your house with a little budget is easy if you include some fascinating flora.

19. Do you like maps?

Maps are great as a decorative option for your walls, and you can plan and plot your next adventure while you drift off to sleep.

20. Wallpaper

Paredes de estilo  por Rebel Walls,
Rebel Walls

Lily Pond

Rebel Walls

Wallpaper is easy to install and has a different effect when compared to boring painted walls.

21. Recycled furniture

Revitalise old chairs with some new colours and they will be usable again.

22. Paint on wood

Baños de estilo  por Jo Downs,
Jo Downs

Shoaling Fish

Jo Downs

These wooden walls are gorgeous, add your own design for an even more valuable decor.

23. Entrance

How about changing the way you receive your guests? A new coat rack could be a good choice.

24. Stylish mirrors

Incorporate a unique mirror in the bathroom with a brilliant light too.

25. Remember the balcony

Terrazas de estilo  por decoraCCion,

Vive la terraza. Foto: Patricia Gallego para Mí Casa. HEARST magazines I España.


Remove the clutter and junk from the balcony and use the space to admire the fresh air and city sights.

26. Hanging chairs

Cuartos de estilo  por dmesure,

We mentioned swings previously, but what do you think about this hanging chair in the living room?

27. Murals

If you like to create imaginary worlds, then include some of that fantasy onto the walls. 

28. Eye-catching clock

Sometimes a simple piece of furniture can be used as a decorative element, as is the case with this original wall clock.

29. Vertical gardens

For those who do not have much space on the floor to place pots, do not panic, there's always a vertical garden.

​ 30. Paper adornments

Let's go back to DIY! And in this case consider paper embellishments that you can make yourself.

31. Declutter

Getting organised is a free way to decorating your house with a little money. All you'll need is some pretty storage boxes.

32. New lamps

Change the old lamps in the room to make way for refreshing design.

33. Dust the rugs

If you had them in storage, it's time to dust them off and put them back in the living room, bedroom or anywhere you want to add a little warmth and colour. Here are 7 tips to make dark rooms look brighter.

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