6 reasons to choose wallpaper over paint

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6 reasons to choose wallpaper over paint

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It's the age old question that we imagine lots of decorators having to help their clients answer; paper or paint? While painting your walls can seem like a quick and easy, not to mention low-cost way to give your home a revamp, we think that there are more plus points to choosing wallpaper, which is why we're going to give you a rundown of our top motivating factors, right now! Don't forget that there are specific bathroom and kitchen varieties available now too, which can deal with moisture, so these selling points apply to every room in your home! Let's get started!

1. You can get perfect patterns over a large surface area.

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We know that talented artists can definitely produce incredible murals and scenes on large walls, but there won't be the precision and repetition that geometrics, for example, require. Printed paper will always be a perfect copy and look neat!

2. One layer and you're done!

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We're not casting aspersions as to the honesty of paint companies here, but let's be honest and admit that even those one-coat tubs of paint ALWAYS need at least two coats, right? Not to mention primer! Well, with wallpaper, you just hang and go! One sheet is all you need and it doesn't even leave you with a wet surface to avoid for hours afterwards.

3. It can be so cost-effective.

Of course, there are sliding scales for both paper and paint, but in general, given that you only need one piece of paper per section of wall, we see wallpaper as cheaper, per meter squared! The application tools are cheaper as well and reusable, whereas a lot of paintbrushes need to be thrown away.

4. It's easy to hang.

Back in the day, wallpaper was a nightmare! Trying to match up the patterns and keep it on the wall with the perfect amount of paste, but now, there are far more 'paste the walls' options available, which makes the whole process so simple. In fact, modern wallpaper is so easy to hang that you could totally transform a whole room in under a couple of hours.

5. It's not a permanent feature.

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Just as wallpaper is easy to hang, it's also staggeringly simple to remove. With paint, you need to cover colors that you no longer like with something new, but going lighter is diabolically difficult. If you tire of wallpaper, you can simply peel it off the wall, give it a wash and you have a fresh surface again!

6. It doesn't have a shelf-life.

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OTORO Wallpaper – Yellow


Once you've opened a new tin of paint, you've got a limited amount of time to use it all, before it starts to split and separate. That doesn't happen with wallpaper! If you have some left over, you can simply pop it away until you want to use it again, even if that is YEARS in the future. Essentially, there is just less waste with wallpaper, so we like to think of it as a more eco and money-savvy choice!

For extra wallpaper inspiration, take a look at this article: Wonderful wallpaper that will wow your guests!

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