Spice up your home with a cafe style interior!!!

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Spice up your home with a cafe style interior!!!

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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Cafes have always been linked to cool and relaxed ambiance. Be it any country across the globe, cafes are reminders of inviting, warm and cozy places. The interiors of cafes are pretty typical with some variations ranging from very basic to high end. Whichever may be your favorite kind of cafe, why not take inspiration from cafe style interiors for your home? Its easy and fun. Think of the decor in any typical cafe and you would realize that most are pretty simple stuff. Traces of cafe interiors in your home can be a refreshing change from the regular formal home decor. Here are a few tips on adding some Cafe to your home. 

Install a counter in the kitchen!

High compact counters for a quick coffee are typical to many cafes. A counter top in a kitchen is a common feature in many modern homes; perhaps the most common cafe style decor possible. It makes a lot of sense to have space for a quick bite on the go. Apart from being used as a dining place, kitchen counters are perfect for additional storage space too.

Counter stools

Stools are another peculiar feature of cafe style kitchens. Compact, non bulky and versatile, stools are perfect for high kitchen counters. You can easily fit a couple of them in a tiny space. Choose from sleek and contemporary to antique and traditional or mix and match styles for an interesting layout. Preferably get ones with an adjustable height so that everyone is comfortable using them. 

Use a antique table and chair

Old style cafes are easy to identify through their antique furniture. Old wood furniture has a charm that nothing else can match. It has history attached to it. Hunt those old by-lanes of the city to get furniture from antique stores and you may be lucky to find some reals gems. You could even do the next best thing and have furniture customised for you in antique designs. Old worldly and intriguing, antique tables and chairs are great way to incorporate cafe style decor.

Use a simple fabric sofa

Dining room Comedores de estilo rústico de homify Rústico Madera Acabado en madera

Dining room


How about a cosy dining space in the corner of the house with a beautiful view from the window on one side. This lovely space is easy to create in your home. Get a simple fabric sofa, just like they have in cafes and mix and match them with a few chairs and stools for a super snug and warm place to have your meals or cup of tea with friends.

Install pendant lights

Graypants Olive Pendant Light 7" de NuCasa Moderno

Graypants Olive Pendant Light 7"


Lighting is crucial to any restaurant or cafe. It's an important feature that makes the ambiance look cosy and personal. Pendant lights create a sort of a romantic vibe in the room. So even if there is a huge room with lots of people, a table with pendant light hanging from the ceiling makes it an oasis of personal space. It helps that they look gorgeous as well. So make good use of these lights in any room of your home. Read further here for some more striking pendant lights.

Use a blackboard

Menus on blackboards are a part of cafe nostalgia that we are not ready to give up yet! There is something so personal and beautiful about a menu displayed on a blackboard. Changing the menu is easy and its a low cost way of doing that. So a blackboard on one of the accessible kitchen walls is a great way of bringing some cafe style interior to the home. Make grocery lists, things to do, weekly menus or just notes to oneself on the blackboard or engage kids who can display their creativity on it.

Add a touch of something green !!!

Go down the green road and add a potted plant or some flowers in the room. A very refreshing way of brightening up a room, plants add so much character. Notice how cafes make their customers feel warm and invited; an intimate place with everyday things on display without being over the top. Keeping it simple is the mantra and a touch of nature is a wonderful way of doing just that. Have a peek here for some more ideas on indoor plants for your home. You don't really need a cafe style theme to use cafe style designs for your home. A couple of stools at the kitchen counter table, pendant lights over the dining or a blackboard in the lounge; it is possible to get a bit of cafe in every room. So look for ideas in any cafe and use it in your own way to incorporate it with the rest of your home decor. 

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