10 tricks for cutting your ironing time in half

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10 tricks for cutting your ironing time in half

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We all know that household chores can be an exceptionally time consuming endeavour, so if we told you that we could give you some top tips from professional cleaners for making your ironing less of a bind, wouldn't you be interested in them? Well, as it happens, we have 10 brilliant ideas for you, today! We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the fact that your family bathroom could be a whole lot more useful, so let's dive into the tips and find out how!

1. Have a place for everything.

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Even if you can't make space for a designated laundry room, if you can make sure that everything has a specific space, it will make for less creasing, right from the start. Also, don't forget that things like towels really don't need to be ironed!

2. Hanging space is a valuable ally.

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Isn't it great that something as simple as a few wall hooks could mean that you don't have to iron AT ALL? Hang anything delicate and prone to creasing away from your cramped closet and you'll be shocked at how ready to wear everything is.

3. Leave nothing in the washing machine.

When a wash cycle has finished, instead of leaving your wet clothes in the machine for a few hours, try to get everything out and onto your airers or hangers straight away. The creases will drop out naturally, as your garments dry!

4. A quick spin will help!

If you can rinse a little more water out of your clothes, it will definitely help them to dry with fewer creases, so you might like to think about running an extra spin cycle after your wash has ended. Even a very short spin will work wonders.

5. Use natural cleaning products.

It sounds a little silly, but if you invest in detergents that comprise of more natural than chemical properties, you will usually discover that your clothes are softer and easier to iron! You can even add some store cupboard ingredients too, such as a capful of apple cider vinegar, instead of fabric softener.

6. Organise your wardrobe.

Don't forget about your bedroom when you're trying to minimise the need for ironing! The way you organise your wardrobe will absolutely impact on how neat your clothes are, so if it's jam-packed in there, you might want to have a clear out!

7. Use a makeshift steamer.

Natural steam is a fantastic way to negate the need for any ironing at all! Next time you're about to take a shower, hang anything you need to look perfect on a hanger, in the bathroom, take your shower and leave the clothes in the room with the door shut as you get ready. Your garments will be wrinkle-free!

8. Get the iron working smarter!

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If you absolutely must iron, make sure that you're working smarter, not harder! While your iron is warming up, tackle your delicates and then when it gets up to temperature, you can deal with the really crease-heavy fabrics. Why sit around waiting for the iron to warm up?

9. Set up an ironing station.

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Do you know what will really help to make your ironing a little more enjoyable? A designated station where you have everything you need to hand! From ironing water through to a sturdy table, you will blitz through the pile in no time at all.

10. Consider some professional help.

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Let's say that you've tried all the tricks in the world but you still hate ironing and simply can't get good at it, maybe you need to admit defeat and invest in a little help! If you designate a portion of your weekly household budget to a cleaner that can come in and iron everything for you, it might actually be an investment that frees up some valuable extra time and helps you to take on less stress.

For more cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Clever home cleaning tips.

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