4 key ideas for perfect office interior design

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Creating the right office space is more than just having the right desks and work equipment for employees. Office interior design can completely shape the mood and productivity for a company as well as how they are perceived. A poorly designed office can create frustration with every day tasks and leave employees feeling demotivated while a well designed office interior can solve these problems.

When planning a new office or an office redesign, step one should always be considering your budget before getting in contact with an interior designer. With that said, you can create a functional office layout with plenty of character on even the most limited budget.

Here are four office interior design tips brought to us by LI A'ALAF ARCHITECT.

1. Use natural light in the office effectively

When thinking about light in the office, think as much as possible. Natural light is an often overlooked aspect of office interior design but it can have a huge impact on creating a relaxing and productive work environment. A lack of light can cause issues with straining eyes as well as affecting general mood.

Be sure to utilise large windows to let in as much natural light as possible.

While natural light is ideal, it's not always completely practical or manageable with the building's design. Using artificial lighting to illuminate the workspace brighten things up can also work.

2. Bright colours

Deciding which colours to use when designing your office interior can be almost as important as hiring the right staff. Bright colours such as orange and red can help make a workspace interior more dynamic and raise the energy of a team.

Another aspect to consider is to make sure that the colours used fit in with the branding and personality of the company and that there's not a disconnect between the company's materials or products and the style of their office interior.

3. Breakout spaces

Be sure to incorporate breakouts spaces into your office design as they are a core part of having an energized and creative workforce. A casual area to collaborate and brainstorm or even just provide a few minutes away from desks can have huge impacts on focus throughout the day.

4. Open space

The use of space in an office can be just as important as light. Although real estate is precious, ensuring there is enough circulation space (the areas between desks that people can move around freely in) will give your office dynamic without feeling cramped.

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