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Ingenious Tips for Small Dining Rooms

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Big or small – the dining area of a home of any size is where the family gathers and gets precious nourishment. It is also a place where stories and challenges are shared as bread is broken and gratitude offered. It is, therefore, important to do up the dining area in a way that is appealing as well as inviting and creates an appetite for family time and truly happy meals. So what do you do if you have a small home and a small dining area within it? How can you make a comfortable dining area in a small home? Well, we have a few tips! Read on to get more out of your cosy dining area!

Foldable furniture

LUX (extensible) - CHERISH Silla HORM.IT Comedores de estilo rural

LUX (extensible) – CHERISH Silla


One of the best ways to maximize and make the best use of small spaces is to use foldable furniture. The dining room in a small home can be well equipped with a foldable dining table that fits neatly into a niche in the wall to make space for other activities. Other foldable dining tables also fold into smaller stands that can lean against a wall until the next meal time comes around. Ensure that you invest in a sturdy table that will not start creaking and cracking with subsequent folding and unfolding.

This ingenious piece of furniture is a product of Horm.It based in Pasiano di Pordenone, Italy

Make it a multifunctional space

A small home usually encourages the use of a common space for multiple purposes. The dining space can be used similarly. It would be best to use the dining space as a study too in order to make the most of this already designated area which houses a table and chairs. Add shelves nearby to hold all your work time essentials so that you can be comfortable as you work from the table and stow away as soon as it is time for a meal.

Shelves for storage

In a small home, the use of all spaces, nooks, crannies and surfaces becomes a matter of practical living. It is imperative to find a stylish way to make use of various surfaces. Wall mounted shelves to save space is a good idea. Today, the market is teeming with options that can be easily mounted onto the wall, as well as corners where various items and books can be placed. Using a large wall-mounted shelf along one wall with chairs lining the open side, is also a good way to create a quick dining table while saving space. Use metal-legged plastic-moulded chairs for a quirky effect.

Hidden utility areas

Belgravia - Laundry/Ironing Room off Roof Terrace Meltons Balcones y terrazas de estilo clásico

Belgravia – Laundry/Ironing Room off Roof Terrace


In a small space, the hallway may house the living room as well as the dining room and the TV. To make this space a comfortable one where chores can happen even as the family gets together in the minimal space, it is imperative to use the various corners for numerous other activities. A hidden ironing table in the corner of the dining room is a good idea. This can be folded into a linen cupboard nearby for easy stow, access and use. This hidden ironing table can be pulled out whenever the laundry is done and a chair can be pulled up from the dining table so that the person ironing on the table can sit and watch TV or have a snack while ironing. Place this table near a cupboard that holds essentials like a spray for water, hangers and baskets for the clothes and other items.

Wall-mounted minibar

A dining area can house some fun as well – even if you have a small home. Bring in a shelf that has a few small drawers, mount it on the wall – and voila, you have a bar! Attach a few sleek joints and brackets on the underside of the shelf so that you can hang wine glasses. A bar in a shelf is a good idea, especially if you are fond of entertaining people at home. This shelf can be placed close to the dining table and a lamp can also be placed on one corner of the shelf right next to the bottles and glasses as well as an ice bucket. Make sure that the drawers below hold bar essentials like cocktail napkins, stirrers, peg measures and other items. A shelf that doubles as bar must be sturdy. Choose a wooden shelf with a polish that matches the rest of your furniture for a cohesive and wholesome look.

Keep space flexible with folding chairs

Bonsoni Bistro - Includes Two Folding Chairs and Folding Table Rattan Garden Furniture homify JardinesMobiliario

Bonsoni Bistro – Includes Two Folding Chairs and Folding Table Rattan Garden Furniture


To maximize space and make the most of your dining area when you have people over, you need to invest in options that can be folded and stowed away when not in use, or unfolded and used when there are extra people at the table. Use foldable chairs which can become a table for two or four people so that you have the option to seat more people around your dining table. These foldable chairs can be stowed near the kitchen or sent to the balcony when not in use. If you do have some extra space in the dining room, they can be placed in two corners as well. Use foldable chairs that are stylish yet comfortable and keep the seat cushions handy as well!

The best way to maximize the dining area in a small home is to ensure that the area is kept clutter free. Invest in options that can fold, unfold and can be stowed away for easy access as and when required. Further, it would be advisable to make the necessary fittings to equip the dining area to double as an area for other activities like work and homework. Ensure that the lighting is good in this region of the home and that there are enough shelves to hold books and stationery as well. Place a potted plant or two nearby and transform your dining room into a warm and welcoming space!

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