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Finally choose the right pillow for you!

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Choosing the right pillow can make a big difference on your quality of sleep, your health and your general well being. A good pillow is just as important as a comfortable bed for getting a restful night’s sleep. In addition to providing comfort, the right pillows can also give the necessary support for the neck and spine, alleviating or preventing many common forms of back and neck pain.

The thing is there’s no single pillow that’s great for everyone. We are all different shapes and sizes and have different sleeping styles and so need to choose a pillow which is suited to each of us. Trouble is, there’s so many different types of pillows, so where do you begin? Don’t worry, here’s a handy pillow reference guide to help you to narrow down the options and finally choose the right pillow for you. Just browse through this idea guide first and you will be sleeping better in no time. 

Choose the filling

What makes a pillow a pillow? Well, it's mostly in the filling isn't it? So here are some things to consider when choosing the filling. Firstly, consider any medical issues you have such as asthma, allergies, or chronic neck pain because you may need a specific kind of filling.

If you suffer from severe allergies, a wool or cotton pillow might be particularly suitable for you as these pillows are not susceptible to dust mites or mold. Latex pillows are elastic and resilient as they are made from the sap of rubber trees.These pillows are are mold resistant, hence they are good for allergy sufferers. Latex pillows also can form to fit your head and neck, and tend to be cooler than memory foam. Feather pillows are typically made from the inner plumage of geese or ducks, and can be filled according to your preference.They are resilient and breathable because they are made of a natural material, and can last up to 10 years.

Decide on the size

Once you've picked out the right kind of filling for your pillow, decide on the size. Generally, the size of your pillow should fit with the length of your head and neck. So if you're tall and big, get a bigger sized pillow. While if you're short and small, choose a smaller pillow. 

Another thing to consider is the cost of course. This is usually according to the filling, quality and size. The lovely fluffy pillows pictured here are available from Old English Company based in the United Kingdom. 

The shape matters

Even though we rarely give a lot of thought to the pillows we use, buying the right shaped pillow and positioning it correctly could be one of the most important parts of achieving a good night’s sleep. Go with the regular rectangular shaped pillows instead of buying something unique like a round or heart-shaped pillow which are great as decorations, but are not as comfortable. 

Some pillows have curves, while others are flat or more rounded. We recommend choosing the shape you are most familiar with. 

Select the right softness

There is no right and wrong when it comes to selecting the softness of your pillow. However, do consider your special needs and health problems. Generally harder pillows are recommended for people who suffer from neck and back pains regularly as they offer more support. 

Browse through different types of pillows here on homify for more new ideas and refreshing inspiration. 

Consider the quality factor

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Floral Mini Lavender Pillows in Pastel Blues

Court & Spark

Another very important thing to consider when choosing the right pillow for you is the quality factor. For example, people with allergies usually stay away from feather pillows or down pillows, but actually if you invest in a high quality feather pillow, you will not have a problem most of the time. This is because most high quality down or feather pillows have usually had their fillings processed in order to remove allergy-causing particles such as dander. They would also normally feature a highly-containing case to keep everything in. However, if you suffer from severe allergies or if you’re not sure, then stick with high quality hypo-allergenic synthetic pillow fillings to be safe. 

Remember, sleep is one of our basic needs and we should not underestimate the power of the pillow in helping us get the rest we need. So don't buy the cheapest pillow you can get your hands on, instead invest in a high quality pillow.

Consider your favourite sleep position

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Simple linen pillows


Probably the most important factor in choosing the right pillow is considering your favourite sleep position. This determines the required pillow support level and thickness to adequately support your head and align your neck with your spine.

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, choose a softer pillow such as a down pillow or a soft, low-fill synthetic pillow. Choose a medium thickness pillow such as a high-fill down pillow, orthopedic memory foam pillow, or medium synthetic pillow if you prefer to sleep on your back or on your side. If your favourite sleeping position is on the side, you can try putting a soft, low-density pillow between your knees. This helps to align your upper hip properly, taking the pressure off and making you very comfortable. 

Finally, if you can't really figure out your favourite sleeping position because you sleep in all the different positions, try to find a mixture of all or some of the pillow types recommended above. 

Take special needs into account

Last but not least, take special needs such as back injuries and other allergies into account. If you generally do not have any special needs, choosing any pillow filling would be fine. You just have to decide which you find more comfortable based on your favourite sleeping position. However if you suffer from allergies, stick with synthetic fillings such as polyester or memory foam pillows. 

We hope this guide has been beneficial in helping you choose the right pillow for you. For more home tips, inspirations, and ideas, have a look at stunning garden decor ideas for a small home

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