Lavish worker's abode blessed with the best of nature in Selangor

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A fully equipped abode with the best gated and guarded accommodation completes the quench for labour safety in Selangor, Malaysia. And this is made possible through one of the most sought after professional construction firms, Li A'alaf Architect. Since 2014, the team has made many live their dreams with their amazing architectural concepts. Crafted to perfection in a scenic location overlooking lush greenery, this hive of a wonder is blessed with everything green and serene. With ambient space for parking and room for everything interesting makes this abode a splendid piece of paradise on earth, while keeping in mind the safety of expats serving in the nation.

Let's grasp some interesting facts about their astounding worker's quarters project… !

Compact Structure with Minimal Exteriors

This wondrous worker's abode is a compact piece of luxury from every angle. Its hive-like structures ensemble a sliding box design, making it a masterpiece of architecture. The minimal hues of grey and brown, contrasting with the soft touch of black shades crown these quarters with a neat yet sophisticated look. The lush greenery fencing the compound yields more fresh air, contributing to the health of families that reside here.

Scenic Backyard Adorned with Pond and Stone Finish

An energetic facade imbued with the goodness of dense greenery and natural touch to exteriors makes the quarters a one of kind abode in Selangor. A lavish and spacious backyard forms the crux of this elegant abode. Fenced by minimal grill from a low-built height, this part of the facility paves the way for relaxed evenings while bathing in the rays of dusk. A series of stairs seamlessly lead to a mushy pond covered with water lilies, aquatic weeds, and crumbled stones. The whole essence of this concept not only relaxes the body and mind, but fosters the art of living with nature!

Lavish Space for Parking and Romantic Walks

If seven is your lucky number, you got it right in guessing the side view of this amazing structure. A perfect and unique design resembling the digit seven not only makes the idea mind-boggling, but also fosters the essence of modern architecture. A lavish roadway seamlessly lined with lamps and garden weeds contributes to an artistic touch of modern construction. Spacious corners with wide concrete floors are carefully laid for cosy parking and romantic evening walks.

Colorblocked Finish Overlooking a Wonderful Facade

Talking about the face of the homes, well, it's just captivating with its minimal shades and matte finish. The bottom part of each house is sequenced with grilled walls for letting in maximum fresh air into the abode. A stupendous pentagon structure with a long slide window on its edge makes this hive of abodes an amazing piece of modern architecture. Ultimate angle and concrete finish yields a weather-proof coating to the entire building. Colorblocked touch to the walls adds to the complete beauty of this masterpiece that overlooks lush greenery from every side!

Splendid Aerial View of Worker's Paradise

From a aerial view, the quarters inculcate the thought of living together as a family and most of all, being unique. A cluster of pentagon-shaped structures mounting the top of a box-like lower foundation resembles the artwork of the bees! Surrounded by lush greenery and a majestic pond that lines the whole arena of abodes, this structure makes way for top-notch comfort from every angle. Its concrete walls and roofs yield unparalleled strength while blessing the building with great durability. 

Bird's Eye View of Majestic Architecture

Bridged between a gap of a tree-lined veranda, this worker's abode features a parallel touch to perfection. Minimal choice of lawn and gardening ideas pave the way for welcoming the lush greenery into the ambience of this wonderful abode. From a bird's eye view, well, this worker's quarters looks like a small piece of paradise on earth! An angled roadway and a splendid pond compliment the finish to make it more peaceful and away from the busy world. Long length concrete structures provide for maximum absorption of sun's energy, a vital source for well-being and goodness! Perched from either ends of this majestic abode are its individual patios that blend seamlessly with the posh green facade blessed with the abundance of fresh air.

Nature-kissed Family Abode for Workers

The fun of living amidst a breezy ambience furnished with lush greenery from every angle is indeed a blessing in disguise! This amazing worker's abode is crafted to perfection, keeping in mind the benefits of greenery on mankind. Lavish windows and glass-cased quadrangles will remind everyone about the art of living with nature. Barn-style design infused with a modern minimalistic touch makes this contemporary abode comfortable enough for prolonged stays. With room for vital energy to penetrate through every nook and corner, this worker's abode has been designed to get the maximum benefits and for the posh comforts of its residents.

Room for Every Kind of Fun

This worker's quarters is more like a world away from busy traffic and noisy sounds and everything else disturbing! Spacious patio overlooking a splendid pond area surrounded by nothing urban but mere greenery is an added advantage for those who love to stay away from the buzz of worldly affairs. A balanced contrast of shade and warmth contributes to emotional and physical wellness of residents, especially elders. This abode is structured with concrete as the sole material, apart from glass and iron, making it ideal for prolonged life of the building's looks and charm. Angled alignment of the entire abode not only looks classy, but it flaunts the style and elegance of modern architecture, paving the way for fun-filled stays!

Majestic Architecture with Minimal Finish of Grey and Matte Brown Hues

Well, the colour combination of this wonderful abode compliments the entire look of the building. Elegant selection of posh grey with a touch of brown hues completes the matte look of this tremendous architecture. Everything is beautifully aligned and carefully bridged to match the colour contrast of the lush greenery outside. Tree-lined patios leading to a never-ending frontage of green trees and regional plants crown the complete look of the abode. 

Tiled Patio or a Walkway to Heaven!

This worker's quarters is blessed with all the goodness of modern minimalistic architecture, focused on the comfort of its residents. To add to the element of ultimate sophistication, this abode is adorned with a spacious and lavish tiled patio for those lovely evening walks. Lush green plants and trees line this wonderful walkway, making it resemble a route to paradise! This concrete-tiled patio paves the way for immense comfort while walking, making it less slippery on rainy days. Trees lining the patio at regular intervals make way for shady rests during scorching summers! 

The best and ultimate comfort of an abode rests in the hands of perfectionists, and this piece of a narration fits well with expert architects! This wonderful worker's abode from Li A'alaf Architect is an amazing example of architectural excellence that highlights the benefits of living with nature!

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