7 tasteful roof space ideas to inspire you!

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7 tasteful roof space ideas to inspire you!

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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It’s not always possible to extend our houses outwards, yet if one has the means to go upwards (such as adding a loft or turning that unused roof space into something useful), then we say go for it!

From a growing family or a new start-up business to a devoted hobby, there are multiple reasons why someone would desire extra space in their homes. Sometimes a loft conversion happens not because the homeowners are in desperate need to extend upwards, but simply because they want to! Think of examples like a home cinema, a suitable play room for the kiddies, or even just an extra bathroom – these are all examples of increasing a house’s luxury level! 

But what if your roof space is too short on natural light and you want to keep an open feel? Then we recommend opting for a mezzanine floor instead and letting your new room (whether it be a bedroom, study, etc.) enjoy an open-air feel with the downstairs zone. 

Whatever idea sounds more appealing, remember that there is a wealth of trained and experienced professionals out there ready and waiting to help turn your roof-space dreams into reality – from Architects and Interior Designers / Decorators to Electricians, Carpenters, and many more! 

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at seven creative examples of homeowners who got the itch to expand their homes and do something clever, creative, and super functional with their roof spaces…  

1. A room with a view

These homeowners were fortunate enough to turn their unused roof space into a dazzling (and extra) living room while still enjoying a generous amount of natural light and city views, all thanks to a spacious balcony. 

2. A media room

A media room doesn’t necessarily mean a gigantic cinema. It could even extend to smaller, more intimate designs like our example. And with creativity and dedication (and no doubt up-to-scratch professionals involved), this unused floor space was turned into a cosy little corner with all the necessary bells and whistles (i.e. super inviting couch, flat-screen TV, a collection of movies, stylish furnishings and decorations… )

3. A guest bedroom

de homify Moderno

If you think about it, setting up a guest bedroom requires minimum touches: a comfy bed, a closet/wardrobe, adequate lighting (bonus points if you can allow natural light to enter via a stunning skylight or dormer window), and a handful of décor! 

4. A home office

Oficinas de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Likewise, setting up a comfy little desk and work station in your new loft space also doesn't require too much work. Yet if you want to go much more impressive and resort to a meeting room (as this amazing example shows), ensure you have adequate legroom and that the floor can handle the extra weight! 

5. A reading room

Dreaming of having a safe and stylish space to display and enjoy all of your prized reading materials? We can't think of a better example to inspire bookworms than this incredible reading room! 

Just note that proper lighting (both artificial and natural) is vital for a space where reading will be the main activity. 

6. A simple bed(room)

This mezzanine addition is not the most spacious, yet perfectly integrates an extra sleeping space into this cosy little apartment.

7. An extra bathroom

Dulwich Loft Conversation Closets de estilo moderno de R+L Architect Moderno
R+L Architect

Dulwich Loft Conversation

R+L Architect

If you're planning on selling your home in the near future and are faced with a choice of adding either an extra bathroom or bedroom, go with the bathroom. Potential buyers deem this more important!

And what if you have No bathroom window? Try these 7 tricks for everlasting freshness

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