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Leigh Leigh
Luxury design house with Balinese flair Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Casas modernas
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Cambridge architects Baufritz are experts when it comes to designing modern and trendy homes that feature cutting-edge architecture, classic design and sophisticated touches.

Today's home, which we are going to explore room by room, is no exception. The designers have produced a flawless and grand family home that is trendy as it is functional. 

Let's go on an adventure to uncover how these experts pull together different themes and elements to create a home worthy of awards.

Glass Extraordinaire

Our first view of this home shows us how glass is a material that has been utilised to create a stunning piece of architecture. It opens up this entire side of the home, giving the family panoramic views of their entire back garden. Doesn't it look so trendy and modern?

It's fantastic to use glass like this at the back of the house, especially if you have a wall around your home. Then you have beautiful views, without compromising your privacy. 

From this angle, we can see that the home is triple-storey, but also large in size in terms of square metres too. The designers have a large site to work with and they've truly utilised it. 

Traditional Architecture

From the front of the home, we can see that privacy is more of a priority. The designers have gone for a traditional and classic look here. While glass windows have been used, they are subtle and less prominent. 

Very neutral colours have been used throughout the exterior, including white and brown. This keeps the home looking understated and traditional. 

You'll also see that they have created a gorgeous hedge around the home, which adds a bit of colour and some natural decor to the exterior look and feel. 

A Touch of Balinese

The entrance hall is our favourite part of the home – isn't it just so unique?

The designers have stuck to the neutral colours that we saw outside the home, pairing white walls and floors with wooden stairs. This is no ordinary or plain entrance hall, however!

What we see here is a touch of Balinese style, with a beautiful (and very Zen-like) water feature as well as a Balinese statue. This changes the whole look and feel of the home! It creates a very peaceful, modern and stylish entrance hall.

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You'll also notice that there is a mirror on the ceiling, which makes the space seem that much bigger.

Kitchen with a Twist

The kitchen in this home is very unique and modern, with a sleek white breakfast bar, a trendy and intricate chandelier and a touch of the Balinese design that we saw in the entrance hall.

These are all very important elements in a kitchen. The breakfast bar provides a more casual space for the family to sit down and relax, chatting about their days or doing their homework. The chandelier is also incredibly important as lighting is key to a fabulous kitchen. It's also very functional – you want to be able to see what you're cooking. 

The Balinese statue and little Zen tree that we see in this space adds a wonderful theme to the space, making it feel peaceful and tranquil. 

Don't you love the detailed blinds that hang down in this space, separating the kitchen from the rest of the house?

Chic Bedroom

If we explore this bedroom, we can see how the modern, classic and Balinese elements still play a role. 

The designers have gone for a neutral base for the room – wooden floors and white walls. They've then teamed this with chic, white furniture.

Detail is introduced to this room in the form of Balinese-themed wallpaper that extends across the entire wall behind the bed. How trendy is this?

Other subtle touches also add some modern style, including the cow print throw that covers the white armchair. 

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The Zen Room

The other bedroom is just as trendy as the previous one, but in a completely new way.

In this room, the designers have introduced some colour to the home! Grey walls match the sleek grey linen, complementing the white bed post. The designers have then included a splash of yellow to the room. The yellow cushions and yellow drop down lamps are subtle and yet exotic, creating a funky bedroom that anyone would be smitten with.

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This home is gorgeous, modern, light and trendy – everything that you want in a home!

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